Father’s day encouragement

Father's day is tomorrow. I want to encourage you to not only serve your husband because it's the only day they get recognition but to ask God to help you see where you can improve your role as a wife. Unpopular opinion: I am my husband's helper. That means I was given BY GOD the… Continue reading Father’s day encouragement


Men matter too

Sometimes, our husbands go through things they don't want to share. Maybe they are embarrassed, maybe they don't want to burden us. But our husbands go through trials/issues/hurts they need help with. We can not assume only women have trials. That since they are men, they don't need help. False. • Being that Chris and… Continue reading Men matter too

Set me free

Children are such a blessing, but many times my heart aches and I find myself praying over then with tears in my eyes because this world is so full of people that could harm them. It literally gives me anxiety, takes my breath away, keeps me awake at night, makes me weak, steals my joy.… Continue reading Set me free

Probiotic giveaway!

• • 🎉🎉 GIVEAWAY TIME 🎉🎉 CLOSED • • @entegrohealth and I have teamed up to bless someone with this gut healing probiotics! You'll get a chance to win one of these bottles!! • ⚠️ What's a probiotic? Probiotics are live microorganisms intended to provide health benefits when consumed, generally by improving or restoring the gut… Continue reading Probiotic giveaway!

Shades + Stone

SHADES + STONE {{A UNITED COLLECTIVE}} With a vision for diversity and a mission to get Young Living essential oils into the hands of all different ethnicities, we have united together to educate, share and empower people to join together in unity to impact and benefit their lives. We want to see health improved, lives… Continue reading Shades + Stone

The Good & The Beautiful L.A curriculum preview

The Good & The Beautiful makes THE best language arts course. Hands down! Every state is different so they have different state laws on what to teach. WA state requires us to teach 11 subjects and this curriculum has 6 of the subjects in ONE course. It's open and go, it has amazing color and… Continue reading The Good & The Beautiful L.A curriculum preview

Absolutely nothing without God

I was thinking last night about my walk with Jesus. You know what? I've come a very long way from the young 16 year old girl who was to become a mother. That 16 year old wife. - I'm now 28, going on 29 this year, and I look back and think just how much… Continue reading Absolutely nothing without God

To the shy, introvert mom. Us extrovert moms just need 2 minutes.

Today my oldest daughter who is 11 learned a lesson. A lesson I didn't want her to learn to quickly. Though life is tough and I'm all about not raising a child who drowns in the murky puddles of life.... Sometimes it's sad watching them learn. I'm the type of friend who's door is always… Continue reading To the shy, introvert mom. Us extrovert moms just need 2 minutes.

Happy mother’s day

Happy mother's day, let us remember to chase after the Lord. Let us be women who aren't distracted so much that we can no longer hear the Holy Spirit. Let us be women who rise up and go against the flow of this world. Let us be women who aren't afraid to step up and… Continue reading Happy mother’s day

Essential oils, why I chose this brand.

If you haven't, go check out my essential oil Instagram page. Let's get this category going. Listen y'all, it 👏 doesn't 👏 matter👏 what👏anyone 👏 says. ✓✓ Where your oils come from, MATTERS! - - - The same way you WANT to know the source of your food. Who raised it, what they were fed, how… Continue reading Essential oils, why I chose this brand.