Food for the soul and belly

 Proverbs 31:14-15 She is like the ships of the merchant; she brings her food from afar. She rises while it is yet night and provides food for her household and portions for her maidens.

One way to glorify the Lord is to serve our family through cooking. *pause* (breath in, breath out)  HOLD ON, before you leave. Hear me out. I know, I know that’s not something we want to hear because the world tells us that’s sexist BUT that’s not what the word of God says. We must learn to not only listen to Gods word but apply it. This is when having a soft heart comes in and we take in Gods word even if we don’t like it and apply it. Once we apply it we must then have a strong mind and not let the worlds view tell us God is wrong. When you read proverbs 31 it’s about a woman,  King Lemuel’s mother who is teaching her son on what to look for in a wife. One thing is, obviously we all eat and need food, so she tells him that a wise wife cooks for her household. Verses 14-15. 

Look, Trust me when I say the more you discipline yourself to learn it, the better you’ll get, the better your food will taste, the more you’ll enjoy it. See how it’s a cycle? I acctually enjoy cooking… Ok maybe not always but those times are now rare. 

Once apon a time I was 16 and married with a baby on the way and had NO idea how to cook and everyone starved. The end. 

Just kidding, but really how sad would that of been if I had just stayed there?  Through trial and error, burning water and crying over literal spilled milk I learned to make food for my little family at the tender age of 16. Now it wasn’t the best of foods but I was trying. I can clearly remember making rice for my in laws one late night and I spotted a white sticker on one of their plates… I forgot to peel the sticker off a tomatoe when I blended it and added it to my “delicious ” rice. I laugh now but boy did I run and cry the moment I saw them eat it (years later I had to confess this and they never had noticed and laughed) I felt like such a failure still. I made it a mission to learn how to cook without adding stickers to our food. I’m 24 now and I look back at all the BBQ sauce my poor husband used to cover whatever it was I had created those late nights with a proud smile haha. Little by little I learned to cook, I learned about nutrition through hard lessons and I now have even more ways to cook, thank you Pinterest 😊. If you can youtube how to apply make up, you can also youtube how to cook. 

We can always pray to God to help us to love the calling he gave us. To be thankful we have those dirty dishes and happy smiles looking right back at us. Some of my favorite moments are when my daughters sit down and tell me I’m the best “cooker” ever! I know I’m not, but to them I am and that’s worth trying even more. I hope to post up meal ideas and recipes to help and would love to get recipes in return to try! So ladies, grab the fire extinguisher and let’s COOK!  

 Just some of the food’s we eat here in the Nelson’s home. Let me know if you spot a sticker 😉 


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