Back to school prayer 

 This year I will have a full time kindergarten child and a second grader in school. I just wanted to write a small post to share a prayer for the children going back to school and those who will enter for the first year. I know it’s difficult and here my precious mothers are a few things to pray over. I’m not sure who made these little pictures, props to them and a big thank you for letting us use them. 

  • First for the gift of being a mother. Pray with thankfulness for the precious ability to have children. For the gift of being able to be a great influence in our children. Let us be of example.


  • Pray for wisdom to instruct them in his way and to prepare them to battle the world, not hide them from it. To help them win the internal war within them. 


  • Pray for protection over your children as they enter a place that has many unbelieving parents with unbelieving children. Pray the Lord will protect them from friends who will lead them astray but rather help those children know who their God is. God can use anyone even a child. 


  • Pray the Lord may protect them in every way! God protects those who love and fear him. Trust in him. I find this one the hardest to surrender to God I must admit. 


  • Pray that your child may be the light and salt in his/her class. That they may have compassion and help those being bullied or in trouble. 


  • Pray they may choose Godly friends and see the benefits of having fellowship with them at a young age, to desire to do good with those of the body of Christ. 


  • Pray the Lord may cover your children with his love. Love over comes all things. The times when they feel sad or unloved that God may pour his love over them. 


  • Pray your child may have the Holy Spirit to guide them, who to become friends with, what to say and when to say it. To stand up for what they believe in. After all God gave us a spirit of courage. 


  • Pray that your child may have peace on the first day of school, maybe the whole year, or maybe a certain class. Pray that peace may be in their hearts day and night. 


  • Lastly pray for your child’s character. That God shapes them to be the young men/women he has created them to be. Pray the Lord is made himself known to them in a special way that they may grow in Christ. That they may surrender to him at a young age. For our children to be of example to unbelieving children. For the Lord to help them in the areas you can’t reach. 

These are things we pray daily for our daughters and I trust that the Lord will guide my husband and I to teach our girls to arm themselves with the armor of God. Don’t be scared my darling sister, God is faithful, trust in his word. This world is bad but God is good. Pray everyday, fast for your children and surrender yourself to the Lord so you may become strong enough to lead them in Christ. No matter what school, homeschool, private, or public the enemy does not discriminate or respect age. No matter what grade, no matter who surrounds them, pray diligently and faithfully. Let us arm our selfs so we can guide our children to God. 

I have to remember my God is bigger than anything or anyone who my child encounters. 


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