When a fly teaches you diligence. 

I came home after dropping of the babe's at school,  I saw the mess I had sitting on my kitchen counter and decided to take a nap instead, I won't justify this. I was not even tired, I just didn't want to clean. When I woke up I saw all the mess from the night… Continue reading When a fly teaches you diligence. 

Because tomorrow is not promised

One day I took my daughters to the park, It was beautiful out. The birds were singing, the wind was fresh, the girls were so happy and that made me smile. I sat down while the girls eagerly ran to play and after a few minutes a mom came to the bench and asked if… Continue reading Because tomorrow is not promised

When Disneyland isn’t an option

There's a misconception that you have to spend a large amount of money as a family to have fun or make memories. It amazes me to know that we get so caught up here in America with the idea that "More is better" mentality. Who ever die's with the most toy's, wins. The one who buys… Continue reading When Disneyland isn’t an option