When a fly teaches you diligence. 

I came home after dropping of the babe’s at school,  I saw the mess I had sitting on my kitchen counter and decided to take a nap instead, I won’t justify this. I was not even tired, I just didn’t want to clean. When I woke up I saw all the mess from the night before and decided to clean all the other rooms before the kitchen.  

Once I was done with all the rooms I decided to get it done. 

Can you tell I was trying to avoid it? 

I sat starring at the dishes and was getting ready to do the dishes when, “Hey, A fly! I must kill it”. Yes I kill flies. As I chased it with a dish rag, I managed to knock down a tower or glass cups I wash by hand. . .

  *CRASH, CRASH* they went,                                                                                                 *.                                            all                                 *                                                 the                           *                                                   way    d o w n. 

 Are you picturing me running around with a cloth in hand, frizzy hair and no curtains to cover up this madness? I hope my neighbors didn’t see this. They would of thought I was either chasing a ghost or cleaning the air. Ha! 

Sadly I lost a few cups and now I had an even bigger mess to clean. 

And the fly? It felt as if it was just laughing an evil laugh deep down inside as it rubbed it’s little evil hands… Or whatever they have together. “Bahaha, Ana this is what you get for wanting to kill a little fly. Now don’t you have something better to do?”. This is what I’m positive the fly was thinking. Evil little one.  

 What I’m I trying to get through to you with this short story? 1) make you laugh. 

2) If you know you gotta get something done, be diligent and don’t try to distract yourself. Just get it done. 

3) Look, if Jesus was in person next to me I’m sure I wouldn’t of taken that nap, I would of not tried to kill that fly to keep me from my work. I would of came home diligently getting everything done, and I would of even baked him a cupcake.  I’d of gone two miles instead of one. Since my husband asked for clean laundry that day, not tomorrow and defenitly not after breaking tons of cups over a fly.  

Just, do it. Don’t mess with flies and buy curtains. 

Anyways hope you guys don’t judge me for being a fly killer. Haha. 

   Always, Ana Nelson ps, fly is still live… 

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