As they fall asleep, praise.

"What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus; What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus." My girl's sang as their eyes slowly fall into a deep sleep, and their voices fade into a peaceful silence. Do you guy remember that post I wrote about using my phone… Continue reading As they fall asleep, praise.

Is that you, Holy Spirit? 

There is a little voice inside, and it says many things. I must admit that they are not always things I want to acknowledge I heard. " Invite her over for lunch", it says.  * I don't want to little voice, she has hurt my feelings in the past and I don't want to confront that,… Continue reading Is that you, Holy Spirit? 

The naked Christian 

This blog is based on MY personal convictions as a Christian wife and mother, what I have learned from the convictions and the benefits from being obedient to those convictions. As embarrassed as I am to post this, I'm being 100% transparent and honest. So here it goes.    I was raised by a very modest… Continue reading The naked Christian 

I’m christian but I cuss a little 

"She's a piece of (blank)", "son of a (blank)", "what the (blank)", "omg that (blank)!", and the list goes on.  Those are some of the words used regularly and daily from me, Ana Nelson. Yes, I'm human. Yes I make mistakes.  Here's the catch. These were the words of the old Ana Nelson. The Ana… Continue reading I’m christian but I cuss a little 

Why we love bullies 

My daughter started school September 1st this year as a kindergartener, she was so excited and so thrilled, that is until her first day was over. I realized she looked sad and I asked how it went, if she made any buddies... Her response is one that boils any parent's blood. "A girl pushed me,… Continue reading Why we love bullies