The compare games 

Being a mom in a world that loves to compare is very hard, am I right? If I'm not 80 pounds, look like a model and decorate like Martha steward according to myself I'm not a "good mom, I'm worthless". Surrounded by the Pinterest loving mom, fit mom, money machine mom, DIY mom, I can build a… Continue reading The compare games 

My heart aches with thankfulness 

Today I was looking out my kitchen window and I just can't help but smile. I look at how far God has carried my family, my husband and myself. Words can't describe how God has molded us and continues to mold us. I remember living in a basement with my husband as newlyweds and being… Continue reading My heart aches with thankfulness 

Forgiveness: Part 2 

So do you guys remember last month I wrote a blog about  Forgiving . And I asked you all to pray for me. I have to first thank you all for your prayers and for reading my blog on it. With that being said, I want to share with you what happened. Unfortunately the person… Continue reading Forgiveness: Part 2