The compare games 

Being a mom in a world that loves to compare is very hard, am I right? If I’m not 80 pounds, look like a model and decorate like Martha steward according to myself I’m not a “good mom, I’m worthless”. Surrounded by the Pinterest loving mom, fit mom, money machine mom, DIY mom, I can build a spaceship with one hand mom. It can be so hard for me to not get caught up in all of it and forget about being who God made me to be.

In this short ministry of being a mom I have so far, made the mistake plenty times of looking over my shoulder, to see what another mom is doing. I’ve gone to the craft store and spent well over $50 to be that “Pinterest” mom, I’ve over done it at the gym to be that “fit” mom, I’ve seeked high and low to be that “make income at home mom”, I’ve bought furniture to reupholster to be the “DIY mom” and it turned out terrible. I’ve gone crazy looking over my shoulder and have forgotten to look up at my creator and ask, “Lord, what should I be, what can I do to help my family get closer to you”.  “How can I use this talent to help others?”. 

I admire women who find a productive outlet that they are great at and benefit their families! I have friends, great, Godly women who have different talents and use them for God’s glory. By no means do I think any of these things are bad, I think they are great. The bad part here, comparing. Galatians 1:10 For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.

We all have different talents and gift that God has blessed us with. The more we compare, the harder it will be to be satisfied with who God made us to be as a mama. The day I gave up trying to be all these things and asked God what he wanted me to do, I was surprised at what God placed in my heart and my mind 24/7. It was so foreign to me what God had placed in my heart and mind.

Don’t compare yourself mom, quit looking over your shoulder to catch up to the next mom, stop driving yourself crazy with ideas, that lead to a dead end and leave you feeling like you’re useless. Comparing can be very dangerous and even hurt friendships aka neighbor. Exodus 20:17 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male servant, or his female servant, or his ox, or his donkey, or anything that is your neighbor’s.” Don’t covet or compare to your neighbors talents and gifts moms.

The word of God says in, 1 Corinthians 12:14 And a person’s body has more than one part. It has many parts. 15 The foot might say, “I am not a hand, so I don’t belong to the body.” But saying this would not stop the foot from being a part of the body. 16 The ear might say, “I am not an eye, so I don’t belong to the body.” But saying this would not make the ear stop being a part of the body. 17 If the whole body were an eye, it would not be able to hear. If the whole body were an ear, it would not be able to smell anything. 18-19 If each part of the body were the same part, there would be no body. But as it is, God put the parts in the body as he wanted them. He made a place for each one. 20 So there are many parts, but only one body.

We are all the body of Christ, just different parts. We all posses different ways of expressing our creativity. If you feel you don’t “have” a talent, what better than to ask God to help you see what he sees. I have found that I am NOT to crafty, I tried. I learned I really can not bake to save my life. I met a woman who is BRILLIANT with a sowing machine! I met another woman who can make beautiful bible verses with gorgeous handwriting God had given her. I know a woman who can decorate a room and make it look like a magazine, without the thousands of dollars. I know a lady who always had the most uplifting words for those in need. I met another young woman who is great with prayer! Wow, I can seek all these things without comparing and to find out I’m not so great with a sowing machine. Through trial and error I’ve learned my talents and gifts. You can try all of these things without comparing and being competitive in a race you’re losing. 



When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’. Erma Bombeck


Whatever talent God has gifted you, use it to glorify him. 

I want to encourage you mama’s to seek the Lord. To stop comparing your talents and God given gifts. To mend those broken relationships due to the “compare game”. To use them to glorify God. No ones gift is better than another. They are all equal to God. 1 Corinthians 4:7 Who says you are better than others? What do you have that was not given to you? And if it was given to you, why do you brag as if you did not receive it as a gift. 

Let your heart rest my dear sister from comparing and take rest in the Lord. You are not worthless, you are one of you. Unique in Gods eyes with a special gift to share. 

My talent? I’ve learned that I love to cook, but I’m no chef. I enjoy writing about things that God has personally challenged me to face in order to grow spiritually. This being one I would cry over. I’m free from comparison. I’m free to use my talent to help others and to glorify him. 

Let us pray and accept with a soft heart and strong mind who God has created us to be.

 Much love Ana Nelson 

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