Playing the Holy Spirit 

  • “That’s not Godly”
  • “Hmm, you are not in God’s will”
  • “Pretty sure God would disapprove”
  • “Did you read the bible already?”
  • “Have you prayed?”
  • “How many times have you prayed?”
  • “That’s a sin!”
  • “Why are you ignoring me!”

My husband would just roll his eyes and take deep breaths. He would have to hear this almost every day. If he was lucky only once a day. It didn’t come as conviction to him through the Holy Spirit, from his mind or soul.               It came from me.

His wife, his supposed partner. I was to HELP him not make him wish he could wave a magic wand and turn me in to a bag of chips. Mmm chips, anyway I found myself trying to “help” my husband by playing “Holy Spirit” for him. It was so frustrating to see him not “advance” for my liking. I thought I was in God’s will, I was helping God give him a medal. “I’m a better Christian”, I would think. The simple act that I thought this actually made me the worse one.

If you go back and read my other post My husband wasn’t Christian when I married him. So when I came to reconciled with Christ,

 I took it upon myself to teach him everything so we could hurry up and have a perfect marriage that doesn’t exist.

I made it impossible for him to grow in Christ. I got in God’s way to truly intervene because while God was trying, I was making my husband dislike the gospel by my example.

Can you imagine someone over your shoulder ALL the time, watching what you do, how you do and when you do it… they point out what you did wrong then point out how you could have done it and when. Ugh. If you’re reading this Chris, I’m trying hard here.

God wants us wives to be our husband’s helper not the Holy Spirit. It’s so frustrating, I know. But instead of nagging and being a leaky faucet, show grace and example. I don’t say this because I totally got this in the bag. Nope, I say it because as I type I remind myself I am NOT the Holy Spirit, I am a wife who needs Jesus just as much as my husband. I am no better just because I’ve understood things a little earlier. I’m no better because I see clearly what my husband doesn’t. God works in his own time. If we allow God to mold us he will. 

For the wife, the wife who wishes with all her heart her husband would understand what she does. Be patient sister, God is working even when we think he is not. It’s all in HIS timing, not yours. I know all you want is to see you husband’s potential explode and you see the great things he is capable of, just be patient. Through your Godly example God will shine his light by you. Oh how I understand. But don’t forget that while Jesus is our teacher, your husband you YOU are both students. Don’t try to teach him, try helping him. Don’t forget although he is your husband, he is also your brother in Christ. What a way to look at it. Patience, love, example dear sister. 

Love, the NOT so naggie wife Ana 


Take the time to help, not teach.

2 thoughts on “Playing the Holy Spirit ”

  1. Aw I really enjoyed reading this!! It is a great reminder that we as wives are not the Holy Spirit but there to help and support out hubbies!!


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