When you miss God’s will

One of the most repetitive things I hear is, "what's God's will for me?". I hear this and I find myself at times wondering if what I do IS his will for my life. We forget that his will for us is to be saved, John 6:39-40 For this is the will of my Father,… Continue reading When you miss God’s will

When helping others hurts

It was about 1:50pm with only 10 minutes until I had to rush back to pick up my girls from school and keep rushing through the day when I pulled up to a small restaurant for a quick meal. I was so hungry and my little eyes gleamed at the sight of the advertised dishes… Continue reading When helping others hurts

Praying for our children 

As a young child I remember my mom kneeling at her bed side everyday and I would sit by her and listen to her words of desperate need to her creator. She would say: "Lord, I pray over my children in your Son's holy powerful name, who's name is above all name. I pray my… Continue reading Praying for our children