Galatians 5:22 oh boy… the series

For the next few weeks we will be taking a journey to a deep dark abyss. My heart. Your heart maybe. And I will call it: " Ana, don't just sing the fruits of the Spirit, know them".  Why would I call it that?  One, I'm not creative. Two, well because it's true, when I… Continue reading Galatians 5:22 oh boy… the series

5 ways I serve my husband physically 

Being a SAHM mean I get two choices. I say only two because I have found there is no three. I could be wrong though. One, I can glorify God in my calling. Or Two, I can do what Ana wants to do. I've tried both. Sadly choosing #2 is what led me to know… Continue reading 5 ways I serve my husband physically 

Be careful little ears what you hear…

I grew up in a home that involved music, everyday. My father was a worship leader and played piano. I quickly learned to worship God in a way many people can't, they feel "weird" raising their hands and just to be able to move. I learned there was freedom in worship. I grew up in a… Continue reading Be careful little ears what you hear…

Shut your mind

Our mind is so quick to play games with us. My insecurities sky rocket. Along come people in my extended life who I make an effort to love and to continually forgive for their words and actions... they stomp me as I lay down. I get these thoughts of "you are everything they say", "you… Continue reading Shut your mind