Galatians: kindness, goodness & gentleness 

Ladies I hope you find yourself well this day as we get ready to read three of the fruits of the Spirit. When I was meditating on kindness, goodness and gentleness I thought did I have any of these before I had Jesus? The answer is a bit confusing at first as I tried to… Continue reading Galatians: kindness, goodness & gentleness 

Why being a “good” mom could not be enough. 

Galatians 5:16But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. I look at those little feet. My heart pitter patters. I will influence those little feet where to walk one day. What direction they should run. Those little feet will one day disappear when I'm long gone… Continue reading Why being a “good” mom could not be enough. 

Galatians: peace and patience 

To catch up on the last few weeks of this mini series you can start here. Two weeks ago we talked about Love, last week I poured my heart about Joy. This week I want to write and remind myself about two fruits that go hand in hand.                    … Continue reading Galatians: peace and patience 

Galatians: Joy 

Last week I shared about my experience with Love and why I find it to be a vital fruit of the spirit. This week up next, is J O Y.  Love for me was easy to ask from God. Joy, not so much. When I was a child, I mean very small maybe ages from… Continue reading Galatians: Joy 

Why are you changing it Ana? 

I was going to just change it but it came to my attention that people actually care to read my baby blog so I knew I wanted to share this. When I first started this blog I wanted to choose an name that said what it was about, however as I've written more and more,… Continue reading Why are you changing it Ana? 

Galatians: Love 

Love your spouse Love your children Love your neighbor & enemy Love those who are hurting Love the lord your God. Love, love, love, there are songs, there are books, there are shirts, there are stickers, mugs, key chains, poems, underwear and even certain colors and holidays dedicated to this word.  The world Love, according… Continue reading Galatians: Love