Why are you changing it Ana? 

I was going to just change it but it came to my attention that people actually care to read my baby blog so I knew I wanted to share this.

When I first started this blog I wanted to choose an name that said what it was about, however as I’ve written more and more, it has become more of a personal diary I wanted to change the name and keep it for sure. 
To the small amount of people who read my blog, thank you! I’m so happy to know that you guys are being blessed by my small words for our God. I love receiving emails and comments reading how God  is working in you and through you all! All glory to God for that! 

Thank you and please be patient as I will have my website under construction along with the FB page and even our IG. I will keep Nelson_nest as out IG for the sake of our YouTube but nothing else will be softheartsstrongminds.com. 

Thank you all again, hope so wrote here soon. 

 Much love, Ana Nelson 

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