Galatians: faithfulness & selfconrol 

Faithfulness affects every relationship we have. The Bible says it is a gift from God. When we receive Christ as Lord, the Holy Spirit dwells us and brings the blessings of love, joy, peace and faithfulness (Galatians 5:22). The fullness of these blessings depends on walking with God and yielding to His Spirit. We should be faithful to read and abide by God’s Word and to seek the Lord in prayer (Psalm 1:1-2; Ephesians 6:18- open bible

Faithfulness, a beautiful gift given by God. A gift we can gladly wear and use to the glory of God. Faithfulness to God is our #1 priority. Why that order for me?

Because if I’m not faithful to God first then I don’t have faithfulness to my marriage, family, friends and church. The Holy Spirit gives us a beautiful gift that is vital to our walk with Jesus.

As a parent I want my daughters to see the faithfulness I have for God and their father. The same way God is faithful to us (he loves us, cares for us, protects us, and forgives us) he wants us to have the same faithfulness. God doesn’t need to work to be faithful like us, he IS faithfulness. He IS what we want to be like. Throughout the bible we see that many men were faithful to the Lord and God blessed that! Men like Abraham, Moses, Tychicus, Nehemiah and many more. Men like Paul who were faithful to the Gospel and preached it for God’s glory, never his own. Paul was faithful to the churches he wrote to. The Holy Spirit gives us faithfulness, and we ought to use it for the Lord’s glory. 

How can I use it? Here are some practical ways God has taught me faithfulness:

  • I choose to preach the true gospel to all who I meet.
  • I choose to love God in trials.
  • I choose to bend my knees in prayer to communicate with my creator.
  • I choose to put God first before myself (though that’s hard at times I just admit).
  • I choose to glorify God in my marriage.
  • I choose to be faithful to the covenant I made between my husband and I on our wedding day.
  • I choose to raise my daughters for God’s glory.
  • I choose to serve at church as a sign of thankfulness to God.
  • I choose to be there for my family and friends through the hard times.

These are some practical, basic, none magical ways I’ve learned to be faithful. All were taught to me by The Holy Spirit. 

At one point in my life, some of these were not practical to me. They were ridiculous and hard to accomplish. When I returned to Jesus the Holy Spirit awakened my soul to practice faithfulness, like being faithful to God in the hard times. When things when bad, I blamed God and ran away. Like when my close friends had issues I called it “drama”, I ran away. I also would see nothing wrong with talking to other men while being married. By that I mean, they would approach me for more than a conversation and I would feed that even when my intentions weren’t to commit adultery. Thank you God for your Holy Spirit. 

How foolish I was. I can recall a time my husband confessed to unfaithfulness and I was just devastated. I though, this is how God must feel when we are unfaithful to him and worship idols and leave him in the hard times. I truly think it saddens him. I choose to forgive my husband and God choose to forgive me. Faithfulness. What a beautiful tool God left us through the Spirit to use on earth. We can’t be woman of God without faithfulness. We must strive to be faithful in all circumstances. With God, with our marriage, with our kids, with our friends and church.

Can we talk a little (maybe a lot ) about Self control? 

A way we know God is working in us, is having control over our own thoughts, words, and actions. We are naturally under the influence of sin. The Bible calls it being a “slave to sin” (Romans 6:6). Without the Holy Spirit, we are incapable of knowing and choosing how best to meet our needs. Even if we knew what would be best, such as not smoking, another need, like comfort, would take precedence and enslave us again.

Let me go back a bit on faithfulness. When we don’t have faithfulness, nothing stops us and we lack self-control. Do you see the connection?

Example, my faithfulness to my husband causes me to have self-control to not sleep with another man, or as Jesus said it “think about another man”.

Our faithfulness to God calls us and urges us to have self-control over our actions, our thoughts and words.

When we are saved by Christ’s sacrifice, we are free (Galatians 5:1). That liberty includes, among other things, freedom from sin. “Our old self was crucified with him so that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin” (Romans 6:6). Now, as the Spirit gives us self-control, we can refuse sin. – open bible << great way to learn more.

We are free to do what we want were told in scripture but not ALL things benefit us. 

I lack self-control with my emotions, anyone? I let anger pour over me when my daughters dishonor God all while I’m doing the same with my lack of self-control. I let bitterness come over my heart when I think on people who have hurt my family and my marriage. I let sadness dwell in my mind when things don’t go my way. I encourage my emotions to have no control, after all we live in a world that encourages such behaviors. We’re in this world but we’re not of this world scripture says. I always remind myself of that.

I lack self-control with my actions.

I lack self-control with my words.

God help me, help us. We can’t be woman of God and have no sense for self-control! Through the Holy Spirit we are able to have this. We are strong enough through Jesus to say NO. 

I was addicted to pornography for a few years and it wasn’t until I returned to God and asked him to pour his Holy Spirit over me and that I may bear the fruit of his gift that I was free. I can not lie when I say it was over night that my desire had vanished. I can be a witness to tell you that we can in Jesus name defeat our flesh and we can have self-control. Thank you Holy Spirit for the wonderful gift. Thank you God for leaving us a helper we don’t deserve. God knew to well we would need him.

Without faithfulness and self-control we miss out on many ways to Glorify God. Is there anything God is calling you to be faithful in? Maybe your husband? your work ethic at home? What about God, are you being faithful to him? maybe you’re struggling with addiction? Maybe you’re at your wit’s end with the way your emotions rule you?

Give your heart to God, repent, come near and he says he will give you rest. He forgives you and loves you. He will pour his Holy Spirit over you and you can be free in Jesus name!

Lord help us to be faithful servants, help us to have self-control. Help us to lean on you because we can’t do it on our own. Help us to be woman who bear fruit from your precious gift. Help us to develop the gifts you have so graciously given to us through your Holy Spirit. Help us to use them for your glory. Help us to develop and use love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control for your glory, in whatever season we find ourselves.


I hope you enjoyed this mini series as much as I did. Thank you God for allowing me to share a bit of what you’ve done in me through your spirit. All Glory is God’s, I simply could never take credit for something The Holy Spirit has done and continues to do in me.

Much love, Ana Nelson.

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