When sin hurts… and why it’s ok. 

I recently started reading Psalms again, but this time I really wanted to slow down and understand what scripture was meaning and not just read it to say I have.  The psalms are such beautiful letters and songs from King David. As I read them my heart is overwhelmed to find that MY heart thousands… Continue reading When sin hurts… and why it’s ok. 

Former church girl (guest post by:Vanessa Annelies)

I'm excited to introduce my very first Collab Guest. I hope her words fill your heart as it has mine, ladies please welcome Vanessa from " Pear Sisters". Vanessa Annelies is a daughter of Zion, watchman and intercessor who uses her life experiences to encourage others with their Christian walk. By the leading of the Holy… Continue reading Former church girl (guest post by:Vanessa Annelies)

The curse of SELF-pity

Usually I'd write something catchy for my title or my first paragraph, but I have to be honest... I'm struggling. How I wish I can stop saying that. I'm not struggling physically. I'm struggling spirituality. To me that seems to be my battles, daily. Against my mind and heart. Wanna know what's been eating at… Continue reading The curse of SELF-pity