When sin hurts… and why it’s ok. 

I recently started reading Psalms again, but this time I really wanted to slow down and understand what scripture was meaning and not just read it to say I have. 

The psalms are such beautiful letters and songs from King David. As I read them my heart is overwhelmed to find that MY heart thousands of years after kind David is exactly the same. How can that be?! How can we have things in common when he was a KING and not just any King, he was chosen as the second king of Israel.

Psalms 38 he is pouring his soul to God to forgive him and to help him out of the pit he was in. It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter how educated, how rich or even how nice you are. 

We are all sinner who need jesus and eventually we say, “LORD DON’T LEAVE ME, PLEASE HELP ME”. 

Have you even done that? 

Have you ever found yourself in such a sin that as David says in this chapter: 

” I am bent and bowed down.

    I am depressed all day long.

7 I am burning with fever,

    and my whole body hurts.

8 I hurt so much I cannot feel anything.

    My pounding heart makes me scream!

9 My Lord, you heard my groaning.

    You can hear my sighs.

10 My heart is pounding.

    My strength is gone, and I am going blind”. 

When we sin I believe we should feel all this to understand the seriousness of what hurst Gods heart. BUT it doesn’t stop there, when we repent and WE MOURN, God is faithful to forgive and clean us white as snow. THATS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! 

I temember reading Psalms and specifically this part of them and just breaking down while I read this man’s heart. It’s me. It was what I cried to God. It’s HOW I cried to God in the midst of sin. I am set free in Jesus name!!!  It’s no different for you, read the whole chapter of Psalms 38 and 39. 

Give your heart to Jesus friend, he’s the only way we can be set free from ourselves. 

Much love, Ana Nelson 


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