Raising our children in light of Eternity.

When I see my daughters, I see souls, not just little cute people God has blessed us with. I understand that they are living breathing souls that will have to choose to follow Jesus one day. As parents we can't obligate them to choose Jesus, it breaks my heart because how much EASIER would it… Continue reading Raising our children in light of Eternity.

The secret Idol at home

Idols. When we think of idols we think of material possessions, a habit or even maybe a statue of some kind. Have you ever thought of your HUSBAND as an idol? One day I was invited to an overnight woman's retreat and I went, as we were sharing the things we hold so close that… Continue reading The secret Idol at home

Why I chose to love my husband at 16. 

We recently had family over from South America for my little sisters wedding.  As I got to know my now brother in law's family they got to know my story of how I got married at 16 to a boy I hardly knew.  As we spoke one of his family members said, " you must… Continue reading Why I chose to love my husband at 16. 

Blog on pause 

  Hey everyone I just really wanted to apologize for being so absent these last couple months, we have been planning my sisters wedding, we have been planning my sisters bridal shower, we have had family from South America come visit for about two weeks, and in the midst of having people over one of the… Continue reading Blog on pause