Why I chose to love my husband at 16. 

We recently had family over from South America for my little sisters wedding. 
As I got to know my now brother in law’s family they got to know my story of how I got married at 16 to a boy I hardly knew. 

As we spoke one of his family members said, ” you must of loved him to get married, or else it wouldn’t work”. I smiled to myself. Though what I’m about to say is NOT popular in our coulture, I replied with a “no”. You see our coulture tells us that we can FALL IN & OUT of love. That’s there’s somewhere out there the PERFECT MAN AND OUR MISSION IS TO FIND HIM, or our marriage won’t work. This world teaches us that we MUST be in love first to make a marriage work. But I disagree.  
I explained that Jesus CHOSE to die on the cross for my sins. Jesus didn’t HAVE to, he couldn’t have just left us be BUT, he CHOSE to love me so much that God sent his only son that if I believed in him I’d have everlasting life. Jesus didn’t wait for me to love him first, he LOVED me first. 

1 John 4:9 says, “we love him because he FIRST loved us”. For that same reason I CHOOSE to love Chris. I made a choice to love him at 16, and I continue to CHOOSE to love him everyday. My love for my husband grows as the years grow in memories with years. 

I’m a firm believer that love is a choice! 

God is so good and leads by example on how to love. Thank you Jesus and if you need prayer over your marriage please let me know and I ask that you may really meditate on God’s incredible love for you. That you may see his loveand do the same for your husband. That his love may motivate you to love unconditionally. That you may CHOOSE to love your husband everyday, even when he doesn’t deserve it. After all, we didn’t either. My heart pitter patters at the tought of following Jesus’s footsteps and being able to love how he loved. Let us all seek to walk in his footsteps. 

My husband chris and I on our 9th anniversary!
Much love, Ana Nelson 

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