Sweet pea baby 3 

After thinking about it, I would like to just share that I will be blogging about this pregnancy.  Now, it won't be much but it will be once a month as baby grows, and as I grow into a mother of three children. I will be posting gender, milestones, my worries and our victories in… Continue reading Sweet pea baby 3 

Why we had a Vasectomy Reversal

For those of you who don't know, my husband had a vasectomy about 4 years ago when him and I decided that we only wanted 2 little girls because that would give us the ability to buy more material possessions. <<< sadly a true statement. At this point in our lives we were nowhere near… Continue reading Why we had a Vasectomy Reversal

Can a loud woman, be a God woman? 

Have you ever felt like you wish you could change your personality? I'm not talking about habits we accumulate and need to get rid of when we come to Jesus. I'm talking about personalities. Maybe you're very shy and wish you could just jump for joy in the middle of a crowd and scream God's… Continue reading Can a loud woman, be a God woman? 

When “helping” and “nagging” collide. 

Ladies... How many times have you, instead of sitting down to talk to your husband do you nag him about his decisions? Or what he's doing? Maybe your hubby plays to much on his phone? Maybe he doesn't show care for certain parts of his life?   Am I the only wife that messes up?… Continue reading When “helping” and “nagging” collide. 

When Our Pride Prevents Our Purpose (guest post) 

   Laura is the visionary and dreamer behind Seasoned with Salt, a community of creatives glorifying Jesus. She’s lively, upbeat, and thrives on naps and coffee. She currently lives on Maui and feels most at home when she’s near the ocean with her husband Jason and their wolf, Mowgli. On a typical day, you’ll find… Continue reading When Our Pride Prevents Our Purpose (guest post) 

When you’re tired of doing good

Have you ever found yourself tired of serving others, perhaps you are just tired of doing good to those who take advantage of you? Maybe you're tired of doing your best to love people who just don't care about you? Or maybe you have reached the end of your rope with certain people?  According to the… Continue reading When you’re tired of doing good