When you’re tired of doing good

Have you ever found yourself tired of serving others, perhaps you are just tired of doing good to those who take advantage of you? Maybe you’re tired of doing your best to love people who just don’t care about you? Or maybe you have reached the end of your rope with certain people? 

According to the world, we should not give them the light of day. According to the world we need to be nice to those who are nice to us. We must “remove” negativity. According to the world, we don’t need to deal with people who don’t love us. Unfortunately that’s far from what Jesus calls us to do. Think about Jesus and everything he had to endure, out of love. 

Galatians 6:9 

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone.

I have a confession… I went through I small time this year where I wanted to give up and I wanted to remove people in my life who seemed to only have intentions of hurting me. Not physically but I was drained and could not handle any more headache. I had decided to give up on them, they will never love me, they will never see how much I do for them, they will never accept me, I thought.  There was something in me that just didn’t think it was right to have given up, but a voice of the world was to loud in my head, “be happy” it whispered, “you don’t need to even try, they don’t deserve it“. So, I said to myself that I was DONE with these certain people. Still, something inside me was unsteady and it stung my heart everyday that passed, the Holy Spirit kept nudging at me but I simply wouldn’t budge. * if you’re in an abusive relationship, I do not mean this for you,  this is for those who know what is correct and don’t want to do it out of selfishness*

Alright back to it then, one night I tossed and turned (I do this a lot when I know God is working in me) I kept thinking about these certain people and I just couldn’t find an excuse to not love them the way Jesus did. I tried hard to find a reason, any reason for going through with my plans of no longer doing good to them, EVER. After all they showed no love for me the way I have for them. They mistreated me, when all I’ve done was try hard to be loved by them. Isn’t it so easy to use all that and say, “I’m done, I get nothing out of this”. Yet scripture challenges us. AHH it really does!! That night as I tossed and turned, I heard God’s words from Galatians 6:9. I looked it up and was taken back by Gods mercy for my thoughts. I was so thankful the Lord kept chasing after me even when I wanted to give up. It isn’t easy to obey when you are hurt.

I asked God To forgive me and help me set healthy bounties but at the same time to give me love and strength to always do what’s right for these people, even when I know I want to give up.

I won’t stop loving them, forgiving them and I won’t stop doing good because God’s word says that ONE day at the right time, there will be harvest for it all. I can’t wait to see the form that it will take and I hope the Lord gives me strength to keep doing what is right in his eyes. I pray the Lord always finds a way to reach my heart to return to him. Let us not get tired of doing good because ONE day, at its time, we will see the beauty of our tears and heartaches.

Let us not get tired of doing GOOD friends, why do we get so tired of doing good to those who show no love for us? Because we always want something in return or to be glorified for doing the right thing and when we don’t get it we give up. We only help those who praise us and most the time they are our friends. Let us not forget to pray for those who don’t like us. Let us not grow weary of doing good. 

Is there a place in your life you need to hand over to Jesus? Is there someone who you just can’t get out of your heart? Do you feel the way I felt?

Glory to God because he always finds creative ways to touch our hearts, to show us where we need forgiveness and when we need to handover our faults so he can strengthen them. Never stop doing what’s good friends. Let us pray everyday for wisdom, to reach those who need him and for us to do his will.

Much love,  Ana Nelson

2 thoughts on “When you’re tired of doing good”

  1. Oh friend, you have me in tears because this hits SO close to home. I’m struggling with a family member and your post is telling our story. It is exhausting to do good for someone who either is wronging you or doesn’t care about you, anymore. It hurts and I pray for God’s healing daily and for Him to soften their hearts. SO so happy you posted this. Gives me a little more strength to persevere.


    1. I’m so sorry you are dealing with hurt from others. To this day I pray exactly what you just mentioned you do. Pray for my heart and the other persons, it is so hard to keep going but how wonderful is it that we have someone to run too then most these people don’t? Keep doing gods will with those who treat you wrong because God has promised you recognition in heaven


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