Sweet pea baby 3 

After thinking about it, I would like to just share that I will be blogging about this pregnancy. 
Now, it won’t be much but it will be once a month as baby grows, and as I grow into a mother of three children. I will be posting gender, milestones, my worries and our victories in God with this baby. What we decided for childbirth plan, also the journey of my tummy tuck and breastfeeding after removing my breast implants. 

We are so happy and will want to share this journey with those who would love to hear about it. 

Being a mother of two little girls has been so amazing and such a blessing but being a mother of three will be a huge step for me and to be honest being the person I am I’m excited and have little fear of what it will take out of me to be the mother God has called me to be for these three babes. Yes, being a mother isn’t easy and I’m ready to take it all in and enjoy the tough/amazing road ahead for the Nelson home. 
I’ll soon start this blog with who and what we decided for our birth plan. 
Can’t wait to share with you all this new season. God bless you friends! 

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