Testimonies: Kalie Land 

Today as I promised, I started a Testimony Tuesday guest post on my little blog. I’m trying to collect as much as I can, so if you are reading this and would love to be part of this please feel free to contact me. 

I love hearing how women came to Christ don’t you? or testimonies that changed their lives, or an event that lead them to Jesus. Testimonials, it’s such a powerful weapon we have that the enemy wants us to be ashamed of. We are forgiven, we are loved and we can use our past to shed light on how wonderful and merciful God is. That he took us, cleaned our sins and we are now a new creation. To kick it off here we have:

Kalie Land’s Testimony,

I was a little girl, raised in the church with a dad who does not believe and a mother who believes unending. At the young age of nine, I asked Jesus to come into my heart. I continued living an average life, going to church on Sundays.

As a child, I lived in the common sin of gossip and lying to my parents about school. The friends I had called me “prude” and a “good girl” –back then, I hated that; and now I see how naïve I was about how that bothered me so much-that label was a good thing. High school introduced me to how one could live two lives at once. My inequities were being mostly covered up by playing sports, going to church every Sunday and being baptized; somehow I still had this “good girl” name tag, even though my actions were not matching up to the label.

Continuing this on to graduation, then moving away for college in attempt of finding myself, nothing really changed much- for the better or for the worse. Time passed, some things changed, and I found myself engaged to be married to my grade school sweetheart. During this time, I was reaching for the truth of the Gospel and the relationship that goes hand in hand, but could not fully keep my grip. The road of living two lives was still in occurrence, but was slowly approaching a bottle neck in the road to becoming the true follower of Christ I wanted to be.

“Luke-warm” Christian is who I was, but I longed for something much hotter. Our wedding date was moved up due to my becoming pregnant. The preacher I wanted to marry us told us we were going to attend marriage counseling. During this, we came to the decision that we would also remain abstinent the remaining three months before the wedding. We did this successfully, but not without desolate temptation – we have full confidence that the Lord truly blessed our marriage, and our pregnancy out-of-wedlock, because of our sudden change and full dedication to Christ from the sin we were purposefully committing. Because of what Jesus did for me, and did in my heart when I finally allowed Him to -I am a new creation! I am no longer a slave to fear of who I once was and I can confidentially boast in the cross with my assurance in Christ. I now can live a life that is anything but average, living for my precious Jesus.

For His glory alone,
Kalie Land


Here are all of Kalie Land’s Social Media accounts, feel free to connect with her.

So My Soul Longs Blog http://www.somysoullongs.weebly.com

Instagram // @somysoullongs

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