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Little prayers for help 

Today I’m feeling extra thankful for Gods plan of salvation for us.  The last 2 weeks have been filled with human happiness and gatherings around our table to share meals but in all of that I have not read my … Continue reading

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The Importance of Purity during the season of Singleness by Kiersten Abernathy

 Today’s topic is such an important and vital one that I had the privilege of having a sweet young lady collaborate to share her reasoning why it’s important. Please help me welcome Kiersten Abernathy as she writes about the importance … Continue reading

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When nightmares attack me, Lord you are there 

These last few months have been spiritually scary for me, never in my life have I had such terrible nightmares about my children. I wake up with fear and constantly cry over the images that run through my mind like … Continue reading

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Why I choose to love my Husband over my kids by Amy Olds

Being Married isn’t for the faint of heart, can we agree? What about adding a few little to that mix, how do we as wives balance out the time given to our children and our husbands? Who has God called … Continue reading

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Trusting God with your dreams by Audrey Grace 

I am so excited to share this young woman with you, when I say young I don’t mean to be polite I really mean young. At only 17 years of age and with these words to share, I love knowing … Continue reading

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