The Importance of Purity during the season of Singleness by Kiersten Abernathy

 Today’s topic is such an important and vital one that I had the privilege of having a sweet young lady collaborate to share her reasoning why it’s important. Please help me welcome Kiersten Abernathy as she writes about the importance of staying pure while single. 

 My name is Kiersten Abernathy. I am a North Carolina gal. I’m an aspiring Christian singer/songwriter, devoted follower of Jesus, and a big lover of people. 

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 ” Imagine this….You’ve been invited to two birthday parties that happen to be on the same day. You want to get a gift for both of your friends, but only want to buy one. All of a sudden, you have the perfect solution to the problem. You only buy one gift, wrap it up real nice and take it with you to the party. The friend unwraps the gift, they love it, and thank you for the gift. But at the end of the party, you take the gift back. You attempt to wrap the gift up again, making it as neat as possible, and give it to your friend at the next party. The gift is no longer valuable or special to the second person because it was already given to someone else. A birthday gift is meant to be given to one person only, because that it makes it special and valuable to the individual that receives it. That is exactly how we should see our purity and sex.

  Sex it a gift from God, but what makes it so special is the fact that God intended it to be your gift to give to one person and one person only. That person being your spouse, the person that you marry. Not the person that you “plan” to marry, or “want” to marry, you think you’re going to marry, dated so long we might as well be married. No. The person that puts a ring on it and becomes your husband or wife. In your time of singleness, purity is so valuable and special. It is a commitment to God that is preparing you and saving your first time for you and spouse.

 If you go around sleeping with every guy your date, the less valuable and special the gift (sex) becomes for you and your (future) spouse.

Sex is a gift from God to us for marriage. It is in a nice little box. The box is the body, the gift inside represents sex, and the tied ribbon on top is your purity. You only get one chance to give the gift to one person at full value. Save it for your marriage. Do it the way God intended and you will glorify him and honor him by doing so. If you do it the way God intended, you will always be pure.

1 Thessalonians 4:3- For this is the will of God, your sanctification that you abstain from sexual immorality.” 


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