Little prayers for help 

Today I’m feeling extra thankful for Gods plan of salvation for us. 

The last 2 weeks have been filled with human happiness and gatherings around our table to share meals but in all of that I have not read my scripture, it is so easy for me to do “good deeds” and think it’s equivalent to spending time with God. Though it’s perfectly beautiful to use my home and my body to glorify God in all I do, spending time with God surpasses all that I can give to others and gives me the spiritual recharge I need daily to keep my mind renewed and my spirit soaring. 

Life can get so busy here that God is placed on the back burner, making time for scripture in the middle of chaos is requiring me to have more discipline and either do less, (bring a Martha is contagious for me) or get up early and stop falling asleep like the disciples did while praying with Jesus. 

Lord help me to make my schedule today and to also get done what my family needs and not what I think needs to be perfect. I pray your word always corrects me and your Spirit weighs heavily on me when I’m far from you.


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God bless you all as you go on your way. 



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