Advent tradition & day one 

Advent, there’s a huge controversy over this. Should we celebrate it or not as Christians? Being that it started as a Catholic tradition… like marriage and other holidays. I love this source as it’s been found to be theologically accurate:

Advent calendars, used to count down the days till Christmas, are popular in many homes. An Advent calendar contains a number of covered “windows” that are opened, one a day, until Christmas Day. Each open window reveals a picture related to the season or a poem or a Bible verse or a treat of some kind. Many parents find that an Advent calendar is a good way to teach their children the true meaning of Christmas—although there are secular versions of the calendars, too.

Should Christians observe Advent? This is a matter of personal conviction. Here is the biblical principle: “One person considers one day more sacred than another; another considers every day alike. Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind. Whoever regards one day as special does so to the Lord” (Romans 14:5–6).
There is certainly nothing wrong with commemorating Jesus’ birth and anticipating His return—such commemoration and anticipation should be an everyday part of our lives. Are Christians required to observe Advent? No. Does observing Advent make one a better Christian or more acceptable to God? No. Can celebrating Advent be a good reminder of what the season is truly all about? Yes, and therein lies its greatest value.

With that being said, this is the first year I decided to take on making a homemade calendar (absolutely nothing fancy) with envelopes and within these envelopes is an activity we can do with our family. They vary from a Christmas movie night to helping those in need. I just can’t simply make it all about fun for my children personally so I have many days planned to help those in need. It’s a great reminder of giving, serving and loving in a season where it’s easily forgotten, those in need vs only having fun in a world that is saturated with the word.


foam board $1, ribbon $1, hole puncher $1, small envelopes $1, blank paper inside for message
my sweet girl getting ready to read

We’re on day two today but last night we waited patiently for my husband to arrive to open the first one since it was late night when I made this calendar. This is how we will do this:

  1. We will open an envelope every morning until December 25th.
  2. We will participate as a family to do what is in the envelope.
  3. I will post the day after what we did mainly for ideas really if you choose to do this. Some days it will be proper and others a small picture.

Day one read: Christmas isn’t about gifts, it’s about J E S U S and as we anticipate celebrating the day many believe he was born we will use everyday to do things as a family. Some to have fun and some to learn to serve others and find joy in it. We will all participate as we all start reading Matthew tonight. Enjoy. 

we started with chapter 2 being that it’s where the story begins, we will read all through his death and his second coming.

Today we get to make Christmas art.


yes, I totally wrote RAIN deer… hey English is not my first language

I hope you all can enjoy this month’s posts and share with me what you all do for tradition around this time of year.

One more because my babes are adorable and excited.

Much love Ana Nelson

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