Advent day two 

Good morning all, Ok day two of this advent calendar tradition and we made our arts and crafts last night. We had to choose between a reindeer or a Christmas tree and we chose the reindeer. To keep up feel free to read here 😊

Sadie’s reindeer so cute!
My reindeer, I’m not as talented ha
She was really concentrated on those antlers
Evelyn’s little deer

It was so much fun to make a mess and see how creative we can all get with scraps and buttons. We also had to listen to the Christmas radio, one of our favorites: 

Anyone else like this song as much as us? 

And to finish off our night we gathered around the bed to read another part of Matthew. Chapter 1 verse 22-25. 

I recently got asked if I read straight from the Bible to my girls and my answer is, yes. We bought a family bible that was NIV so they could also understand it. We take it little by little so they can have time to take in the verses and the context of it. 

What was today’s task you may ask? 

Bake a cake or cookies and share them, so off we go to bake and I’ll hopefully be able to keep up with this whole writing everyday thing. 

Much love Ana Nelson 

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