Advent day 3& 4 with a yucky cake 

I won’t ever pretend to be this perfect home maker and to prove it, I’ll share a little story with you all. 
As part of our advent calendar event we decided to bake something and that something was going to be my husband’s F A V O R I T E cake. Carrot cake. So I looked up many many healthy carrot cake recipes and the girls and I decided to get to work on this surprise cake for the man in our life. 

To make it short, we baked it and we were so proud of it, my husband finally arrived at 8pm and we were all anxious to try a piece and as we all took a bite…. there was silence… you guys it was DISGUSTING. I have no words for how gross this was hahaha it was so gross my husband had to label it so none of our guest (if any) would try it. Poison he labels it hahaha see life is much more interesting when things don’t work out. 

So if you’re wondering how our third advent day went? Not to yummy, today we watched a Christmas movie as our fourth day activity. We will see what happens tomorrow. 

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