What I’ve learned this year and what’s to come for a new year. 

I just wanted to share a bit about lessons learned this year and lessons I see coming for next year. I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures and memories with you all. I think almost everyone who writes or has technology is sharing their New Years resolutions and sharing memories of 2016.

Let’s start:

  1. This year I learned that even our biggest mistakes can be forgiven and made new. We took a trip to Oklahoma this year to have a vasectomy reversal in hopes of being able to grow our family once more after my husband was convicted about his decision of a vasectomy. For more info check out our Vlog: Vasectomy reversal journey.

    My husband and I at the airport after landing home. Vasectomy reversal was done and now it was up to God.
  2. I learned that my daughters are to be raised to be more like Jesus and not like me. I learned my oldest isn’t anything like me and it required me to bend my knees to ask the Lord for wisdom. I learned my youngest is my little personality twin and that alone was enough to make want to fast. In all this I learned every child is different and require different ways of reaching their heart but one thing that all children need is Jesus! 
  3. I learned that once I obey the Lord, it required me to fully trust in his timing and not mine. Here’s a post from my IG.
    Today I need Jesus. As soon as I woke up… It hit me hard. Last night we got results for our first semen test after our reversal and it came back negative. My stomach dropped and I felt like it was a nightmare. For a good two hours in my mind and through text to close friend I sinned against God. I didn’t blame God, rather I decided to have self-pity. Completely ignoring Gods power. I think on 1 Corinthians 2:5, ” that’s your faith may not rest in the wisdom of M E N but in the POWER of G O D.” I had my two hours of sadness. I MUST choose joy. I must choose to trust in God. THESE are the times our faith is put to work that we may grow. Interesting how I claimed to love God but as soon as something difficult came up, I questioned it. Forgive me God and help me to exercise my faithfulness TO you and my faith IN you.

  4. I learned to accept the body I have regardless of society standards and what they call beautiful. 

    This is my body. I’m 153 pounds, mom of two baby’s A stay at home mom. I was 197 pounds from 2008-10. I had a tummy tuck in 13′. I had breast implants 11′ and had them removed Feb 15′. I went from 198 to 121 to 153. I’ve starved myself and over fed myself. I’ve been to the hospital for a gall bladder emergency surgery due to my eating and I’ve been to the hospital for bulimia and becoming sick. I’ve put my body through so much. For acceptance. From society and myself. I’ve had the “perfect” body and I’ve had the “eww mom body”. I can tell you that it’s not UNTIL I ACCEPTED MYSELF FOR WHO GOD MADE ME, that I was truly happy. Not the perfect DD, size 3, small waist that made me happy. It’s a heart issue. It’s a mind issue. I’m happy with who I am now, more than ever. I’ve learned to love what’s left of me. I’ve learned to be healthy. But I’ve learned to enjoy life too. I am Ana Nelson. I am a mom of two girls. And I pray one day this body, what’s left of me will hold more baby’s.
  5. I learned that frustration is nothing more than another selfish trait I carried.

    Today I woke up just irritated. The alarm went off to quickly, my head is pounding, deadlines for blogs, my dog ran in the house with mud and made SURE to run in all carpeted areas in the house, I have to study, I have reading program at school from 11-12 I probably won’t have lunch today. ALL THIS BEFORE MY FEET HIT THE FLOOR. I realized my family wasn’t my enemy, I realized my family is not the cause of my frustration. Things not going MY way is my frustration. These 3 people are my reason to wake up and smile even when there’s mud on the carpets. They are reason I CHOOSE to control my emotions (though I must admit I struggle with) and ask for Gods help. TODAY will be whatever I make it. I can go on complaining OR I can bend my knees and ask God to forgive my temper and give me grace. Grace for my day, Grace for today, Grace to share Grace for their day. So I say, have a Grace filled day. Today will be whatever YOU make it.
  6. I learned that marriage requires two good servants and two great forgives.

    We’re told TWO lies in marriage. One: you can fall in and out of love. Two: if you’re not in love, leave. Next month on J U N E 30th, my husband and I will be celebrating our 9th anniversary! People ask us, HOW do you manage to STAY in love? I always tell them, to F A L L IN LOVE: choose to fall in love. Love is action, you choose it. You don’t just fall in and out of it. To S T A Y in love:forgive one another. It’s not always easy, especially when we are surrounded by these lie, that if you’re not happy, leave and find another person. We like to think switching partner will make us happy… That’s far from the truth. So to fall in love, you choose it. To stay in love, you forgive. Just like God chooses to love us and forgive us. Marriage challenges us, it’s TWO sinners needing saving grace. It’s two people fighting the flesh, seeking God. Conflict in marriage is NORMAL. It’s not the end. When two sinners seek God there is hope. When there is only ONE person in the marriage seeking God, guess what? There’s STILL hope!
  7. I learned more waiting … 6 cycles to be exact

    Good MORNING FRIENDS, From the following picture you can clearly see that this month, yet again is NOT our month. How do you feel when you want something so badly but don’t get it? When you desperately wish something would happen to allow you to have what you desire the most? Maybe you get mad? Maybe you fall in to a deep depression? Maybe you lose faith? How do I feel? I’m at peace, and I don’t mean that in a “I’m better than you way”. I mean that in a, ” Lord, it’s a no and that’s ok with me. Father you know my desires and you know that I’m hurting to see this BUT I choose to rejoice in something no one can take and that’s HOPE! I choose to be patient in this season of life and constantly be praying a loud spoken letter of thank fullness for what I already have and for what’s to come”. How hard is it to say that when we would give a leg for what we want? Very. I’m not a victim to a “no”, on a test I’m just another woman whose time hasn’t come. There’s something to be learned and it’s having HOPE, being PATIENT and to CONSTANTLY be praying. Keep your head up dear friend, breath in and out and realize the gifts you were already given. Romans 12:12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.
  8. I learned to share my testimony and not be ashamed of what God has done

    This is a snap of our family after a long day of swimming, splashing and all while getting a tan haha my husband and I will be 9 years married on the 30th and we often talk about what life would have been like if we never had children. If we would have never met or even worked out our marriage. I would have missed out on an eternity of love for a moment of hardship. On days like these it’s when I truly am happy my husband and I never got a divorce. All the late night fights, all the loneliness, all the hurt, none of it was something God couldn’t restore. None of it could compare to the beauty after the long storm we thought would never end. I would have missed out on a beautiful ministry. There’s always hope where there’s faith. There’s always faith when God is made bigger then our problems. When we surrender to God, ask for forgiveness and repent God is faithful to come through with his promises. Thank you Jesus because I don’t deserve these smile and yet… Here we are.
  9. I learned that It’s impossible to be a mother without Jesus.

    A mother against the world means, we quiet the world to hear Gods will in how we raise our children. As a mother against the world we should be so deeply rooted in scripture that we know how to discipline with it. As a mother against the world we quiet the world’s views on what a home should look like. We quiet the world’s request to waste our time on earthly possessions but investing in things above. We quiet the world’s opinion on marriage, we quiet the world’s views on letting our children go through life on their own. We quiet the world’s voice of being scared to raise them in these times. We’re not the first generation to raise children in a loud world, WE need to invest in our spiritual life’s because when we do we hear Gods will for us. I will not stop chasing God, if we want children who won’t deny Jesus we need to start with ourselves. We need to learn to QUIET the world, to chase after Jesus and really get to know him. A teacher can’t teach unless they have learned them self. As a mother against the world I choose Jesus, therefore I need to quiet the world. Deny my goals so god can work his will. To see my children as souls who need the lord and not just children that will one day leave my home. QUIET THE WORLD SISTERS.
  10. I learned that just because bad things happen it doesn’t mean your life sucks. All things work out for our good.

    For the last three days, after our accident we decided we needed to get away and have time to reflect and reconnect without any distraction. I can’t begin to express how wonderful it was to get away from it all. 3 nights & 4 days without technology and just our baby’s and bible to enjoy. When we came back to civilization we had a voicemail about the accident. My tummy turned and then I heard, “we’re paying you “x” amount for this and you no longer have a car payment”. Along with amazing things that I can’t even explain. We are now debt free. Just in time for school and just enough to buy a nice little van. I feel back to normal, and my baby’s are wild and free! I don’t believe God blesses us with material possessions and I never will, however I know the Lord saw our hearts and even in this terrible event we came out smiling. We are so thankful for the opportunity we were given. God knows that it al came just in time. I wish I could share more in what happened but with time I’ll love to share more. Thank you to everyone who texted me while we were home and for the prayers!!!
  11. I learned to be happy with what I have, and when I accepted it and thanked the Lord not only with words but my life… he responded. Check out our Live pregnancy test , our Pregnancy announcement And our Gender reveal .

    We are excited to announce baby #3, due April 2017. THANK YOU JESUS
  12. I learned that God is everything I’ll ever need. I learned that life isn’t easy since we were told we would have problems but the truth is, while on earth I’ve learned to lean on him, trust him, obey him and allowing him to guide me has brought so much joy and lessons I’m sure I’ll keep forever. Jesus is the only way to live. 

This year has been amazing and I can’t wait to see what next year brings us. What the Lord has in store to teach us now that we are raising a little man after two young ladies were given to us. 

Thank you Jesus for your everlasting grace and love though we don’t deserve it!

My New Years Resolutions are:

  • Less phone, more family 
  • Less nagging, more loving 
  • Read my bible every morning without excuse 
  • Homeschool our girls (Vlog/blog coming soon on this)  
  • Be in the moment with my family instead of planning every single breath we take. 
  • Learn to expand this blog for Gods glory! 

What are yours?

Have a great New Years!

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