A birthday post for my Evelyn 

I’m feeling so emotional by my oldest daughter’s birthday arrival and I see her become a sweet little lady. 

I was 16 when I became pregnant with Evelyn and by the time I was 17 I was a mother to a sweet child who would change my life. Nothing in the world could have ever prepared me for such an underserving gift. I remember gazzing at her eyes and just realizing that I was holding part of me in my arms, it was a soul I was to raise and it wasn’t about me anymore but this little child. 

I wasn’t the best mother I could have been to Evelyn the first 4 years of her life and as I type this I have tears running down my face. I wish I could go back in time and hug her more, love her more and allow her to make those messes to cry a little longer. I try not to think about the times I should have hugged her more. The times I should have been more patient, she was a CHILD and all she did was be one. 

I wish I could have been a godly mother and I wasn’t, as I grew older I came closer to God and by his grace I keep learning to be the mother he made me to be. 

Evelyn has taught me to see the world in a whole new way, she is nothing like me and for so long I wanted to fix it when I was the one who needed to be fixed. She’s a nurturer, a gentle soul, patient, loving, caring, loves animals, soft spoken and strong minded. She is my little mama and she always touches my heart. I love her with all of me and I can’t imagine life without my baby girl. 

Just a few pictures of my baby girl ❤❤ 

Evelyn with her daddy on her early birthday 2017

Dear God, 

Today I want to give you my daughter Evelyn again, you know that all I ever want is for Evelyn to grow up to be a woman of faith. A woman who is not easily moved by this world and its ways, I pray my daughter loves you more than me. That she chooses to follow you earlier than I did. That she may see the beauty of who you are and your design for her, I ask father that you may chase after my daughter when she strays andvthat she may come to repentance quickly, that she may get caught when she disobeys so she can learn that there is a God who loves her. Lord I ask in your son’s holy name that you be wth Evelyn that your Holy Spirit may dwell within her at a young age and that she may feel your sprigs correction and love. Lord help me to love her and guide her, to be the best mother I can be for her. Father I ask that whoever she’s to marry, that he would be a leader and that he may love you more than life. Jesus I thank you for my baby and I pray your sons holy blood may be her protection from head to toe, inside and out. Guide me in your wisdom to never miss the opportunity to love her, be patient with her and listen to her. I love you Jesus thank you for my sweet Evelyn in Jesus name amen. 

Happy 9th birthday my sweet girl! 

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