My heart aches with thankfulness, even when it’s hard. 

I have been gone for a very long time on here it seems. I truly try my best to write but the honest truth is sometimes my mind is so filled with ideas and things that I decide to keep them to myself in fear that people will think I’m crazy…though I know I am haha. 

Well today I just wanted to give you all a small update, my husband was diagnosed with MS about three weeks ago and it’s been pretty hard on all of us. If you haven’t feel free to follow us on Instagram for daily updates. I’m on there everyday. 

I will soon have to publish many blogs I have saved but for today I wanted to give God thanks. Thank him for my family. 

Sometimes family time is at 11pm and we read. 

I love my family so much. 

Thank you Jesus for changing my heart and for teaching me to submit to not only your word but my husband. To trust that your design for family is best. For softening my heart to repentance and allowing your spirit to teach me and rebuke me for my sinful desire to rule over my home, Jesus thank you for my life and for giving me an opportunity to walk by you. I love you Jesus. I can never say it enough, I can never take credit for ANY of my changes because it was you Lord. Only you. Thank you father. In Jesus name amen. 

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