A birthday letter to my Sadie little lady 

I can’t believe my Sadie is seven years old, I feel like every mom on the face of this earth feels the way I do every time their child’s birthday comes around. 

Every year I thank God for my little girls and this year is no different. After having Evelyn I was sure I only wanted (1) child and I was perfectly happy knowing Eve is was going to be my only child. 

Evelyn was about a year and a half and I remember she would not walk, but run to the nearest baby and there was this smile in her eyes that made me feel so sad to see her yearning for tiny hands to play with. That same week my husband came up to me, sat me down and requested for us to concider having a best friend for Evelyn and so we began to try for baby #2. 

Days turned in to weeks and weeks to months and finally at 6 months I told my husband that I gave up (it takes more than a year sometimes and that’s normal but I was impatient and foolish) so as sad as he was he said that he didn’t agree but that we could take a break. 

The day I went in to get my birth control they had to have me do a pregnant test to make sure and the nurse came in smiling and said “well we can’t do birth control because you’re already pregnant”…. um what? I had so many emotions that day that I just remember grabbing Evelyn and hugging her and telling her she would have a little baby. We both cried and hugged! 

So I broke the news to my husband that same day on the way back home, this was wayyyyy before all those creative pregnancy announcements were even a thing. He was so excited and so we patiently waited to find out what this baby was and on that day of the ultrasound I saw her… my sweet little girl. Evelyn was going to have a little sister. 

I have two sisters so I knew right away this was going to be amazing! 

My water broke on March 20th 2010 at OMSI science museum while watching “Underwater adventures”, isn’t that hilarious? So we rushed to the hospital and I had her two hours later. She came on a mission and made her grand entrance. I remember she stopped breathing and they had to push a red button on the walk and they took her from me but a few minutes later she was back in my arms safe and healthy. This little one sure knew how to be dramatic and it hadn’t changed much. 

When Sadie was born we felt so happy and Evelyn just loved her little sister and was always with her. They ate together, played, showered, slept and even got in trouble together. I’m so happy we had miss Sadie lady, life wouldn’t be complete without her. 

As always I pray for them every day but every year I have a very special prayer for them. 

Dear God, 

Today I want to give you my daughter Sadie again, you know that all I ever want is for her to grow up to be a woman of faith. A woman who is not easily moved by this world and its ways, I pray my daughter loves you more than me. That she chooses to follow you earlier than I did. That she may see the beauty of who you are and your design for her, I ask father that you may chase after my daughter when she strays and that she may come to repentance quickly, that she may get caught when she disobeys so she can learn that there is a God who loves her. Lord I ask in your son’s holy name that you be wth Sadie that your Holy Spirit may dwell within her at a young age and that she may feel your spirits  correction and love. Lord help me to love her and guide her, to be the best mother I can be for her. Father I ask that whoever she’s to marry, that he would be a leader and that he may love you more than life. Jesus I thank you for my baby and I pray your sons holy blood may be her protection from head to toe, inside and out. Guide me in your wisdom to never miss the opportunity to love her, be patient with her and listen to her. I love you Jesus thank you for my sweet Sadie in Jesus name amen. 

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