Desmond’s home birth 

The morning of April 18th, 38 weeks and 6 days pregnant I had a whole day planned as my day was booked with chores, homeschool, a midwife appointments and taking my mother to run errands. But, baby had other plans of his own. 
I woke up around 7am that morning April 18th and I realized I had lost my mucus plug, sorry TMI but that’s pregnancy  for ya. With excitement rushing through my fingertips I quickly sent my midwife a picture to assure that this was indeed a sign that baby was getting ready; she assured it was and that she would check me   during our 10am appointment. 

Since I was taking my mother to run errands I decided to just pick her up early to come along for my midwife appointment, my mother made breakfast but as delicious as my mother cooked I couldn’t seem to eat more than a few bites of fresh papaya. I was still spotting but felt small cramps, and I kept having to excuse myself to the bathroom. 

We arrived at 9:30 on accident to my midwife appointment so we walked through the beautiful neighborhood that planted itself next to her office. When we arrived at 10am we chatted and she checked me and I was dialated to a 4, still feeling crampy she told me she though baby would arrive that night, to stop running errands and go home but I didn’t believe I would go in to labor in the next two hours so I shook my head yes but still  decided to drive my mother to her errance. As I pulled up to our first stop at 11:30am I felt those little cramps turn to something a bit more uncomfortable but told my midwife it might be false labor and so I decided to suck it up; however she assured me it was real. As I headed to errand number 2 my contractions picked up so I decided to head home instead, just in case. Still thinking it was false labor as the contractions were manageable. On my way home I didn’t realize I hit traffic so there I was, having contractions in a 5 MPH traffic stop that would take me half an hour to reach my little nest of a home. My once little, uncomfortable contractions were now 7 min apart and took my breath away a bit. 

I called the midwife as I made it to my driveway around 12:25ish pm, while I waited for her arrival I cleaned my house and decided to call my husband to come home as my contractions were now 5 min apart. My midwife arrived at 1:10pm from what I remember and my husband arrived shortly after with food for the birthing team. In my mind I somehow thought it was false labor still, I know… crazy. 

My contractions were getting longer and stronger and the only relief I found was laying on the floor. 

As my midwife set up the birthing pool, with every contraction I repeated to myself, “my body was made for this, I can do this, it’s almost over, I’m closer to meeting my son”, contraction  after contraction I was reminded that I wasn’t fighting my body, this was my body fighting to meet my baby. To surrender to every single contraction and allow my body to lead me. 

Once I got in the birthing pool, I felt so restricted, my only comfort were my daughters who so lovingly and constantly touched my arms and told me, “mama you’re so strong”. 

My husbands support was there when I needed it 

As much as I had wanted a water birth, my body was telling me no. Just when I felt moved to get out I felt my contractions become so intense I completely lost myself in the pain and I no longer was in control. I asked to get out because I had a crazy urge to go potty, I was told to try but my midwife warned me that I was in transición to pushing. As I went potty I stepped out of the bathroom and on to the cold hallway floor and I asked her to check me, I was at a 9.5, around 2:20-30 I was so close but I felt it would never end. 

My body was shaking, my legs were giving out and my mind went to being in control to questioning if I could truly do it. With the encouragement of my husband, midwife and daughters I told myself that there was only one way out. I can do this. 


2:40pm, I felt the urge to push my quiet home echoed with loud roaring (that’s what I was told) and I used every bit of strength I had left to welcome every contraction that felt was never ending. 

With one great push I felt my water break, with no break in between I pushed as my body took over and pushed with such strength, my body was leading me and all I had to do was follow. Another push and his head was out but in the water sack and I felt such relief, until another push pulled me to birth the shoulders of my son. Every part of me was shaking. I could feel the shoulders sliding out slowly and I could feel every part of my son being born. With one last big push at 2:50pm he was born. 

Just like that, all the pain and pressure had left my body and my endorphins running wild stood still as I held my son. Desmond. 

I did it. I gave birth to my son, without the need to cover the pain of childbirth. I did it all by myself, I had actually lived to tell this tale 😊. It was all worth it. 

Right outside my bathroom, in the middle of the cool floor, in my very own home… 

  • Desmond J. Nelson 
  • 7lb 8oz 
  • 20.5iches 

Was born. 

We love him so very much and when we decide to have baby #4 , we will be doing another birth at home. 3 hour labor, so worth it. Obviously it wasn’t false right? Haha. 

My wonderful birthing team! 

Evelyn, my husband, Sadie, Sarah my midwife, Joy and Elizabeth the much appreciated and loved help. 

Did it hurt? Well it was more like tremendous pressure you can’t escape until you just do it. I didn’t tear one bit and I’m up and waking s but. Everyone is full of energy, including baby.


You got this mama! 

17 thoughts on “Desmond’s home birth ”

  1. wow what a beautiful family!! I think that is the most natural and better way to give birth, at home with your family. It’s so cool that your daughters got to experience this with you.


  2. Wow Ana! What an amazing story. Hard not to contain tears with such a beautiful story of life. Welcome to this world baby Desmond, you are so loved by your sweet family and God has great plans for you. You are a conqueror! You have so much strength Ana, so very proud of you. What a memorable experience to hold onto, giving birth in your comfort place, your home.

    Ps: And yeah guess it wasn’t false alarm after all haha


  3. So amazing! God gave you every bit of strength, knowing you would give him all the glory! It has strengthened my faith to watch you and Chris grow. I can’t wait to meet him and celebrate with you. So beyond proud of you friend! ((hugs))

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