What we’re doing for homeschool 

I was asked to share some of the things we do for our homeschool. I will share curriculum and things we do outside of paper work, like art and music. 

I really want to be able to share what we do for our first year and also receive advise on curriculum. To share what works for us and share what didn’t. One of my kiddos understood a math concept she just didn’t understand and her eyes got huge and so proud! The way they were teaching ( one size fits all) was not working so I taught her the way I would have learned and it clicked! It was such a great moment for us both. 

If you haven’t already feel free to read on why we chose to homeschool our children. 

So far what we are doing is reviewing what they were doing in public school before I pulled them out in April. Reviewing and going over the subjects they were having a hard time with. Since I pulled them out in April I didn’t not buy a full “real” curriculum, instead I bought those huge curriculum books from Costco and extra things here and there from Target, Walmart and Dollar tree. I didn’t go crazy but I did make sure we had enough to do homeschool through the summer. 

I bought a box to file their work for each one. With tabs separating their subjects. 

We do have books we read together as a “read out loud” and when I looked for a good series I just HAD to find the “The little house on the Prairie” books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We found a website that offers free Lapbooks for the whole series here. So we have been doing this and we finished the first book, “Little house in the big woods” and now we’re on “Little house on the Prairie”. I have to say the girls absolutely love our readout loud time! I was able to find the whole series through a FB sell and trade homeschool page for $20! 

I have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader that I teach so they are in different levels of Math, reading and writing. I’ve been able to teach science, art, social studies (were working on geography) music and “P.E” together. The more I can teach together the better and yes there are many curriculum options out there that allow to teach different levels of grades together. 

As far as what my schedule is? I’ll be honest some days all we do is read out loud, do math, writing and science. Other days we do art and geography and others we get through everything and that’s the beauty of homeschooling! 

In these past few months of HS (homeschool) I’ve already seen what hasn’t worked for us, probably won’t ever and what has worked. I’ve had to change a few things already. 

Anyways this is just a few things I can share right now, I am planning and researching what we will be using in the fall for school and I will share that too. I’ve found so many great free websites for free printable and learning sites. My goal is to have a great curriculum, hands in but not cost an arm and leg. 

Im so excited to share this journey! 


4 thoughts on “What we’re doing for homeschool ”

  1. You don’t have to break the bank to homeschool. There are so many free resources, plus the library! If you have a printer (and laminator), you are good to go!


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