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I lost my way to gain followers 

Dear God,   I have lost my way once again. I get frustrated far to easily, I get annoyed far to much. I haven’t given my 100% to the children you have trusted me with. I’ve let technology or my laziness … Continue reading

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How my attitude impacted the Solar Eclipse 

Long story short, we couldn’t find solar eclipse sunglasses.  I was a bit lazy about it and didn’t think the girls cared until last night and not only do I feel like a bad mom but I was lazy about … Continue reading

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Homeschool curriculum 2017-2018 

Alright so as many of you know, we decided to homeschool the girls if you haven’t already please feel free to read up on that here.  After so many late nights of reading reviews, reading on my children’s learning styles and … Continue reading

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4 ways to becoming a fun mom… when you’re not 

Ok I’m going to just be honest here, anyone NOT a fun mom?  Anyone? Because I’m not. That’s just the truth. I’m a smiling mom but I’m not a get dirty and play on the floor type mom, that’s my … Continue reading

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