4 ways to becoming a fun mom… when you’re not 

Ok I’m going to just be honest here, anyone NOT a fun mom? 

Anyone? Because I’m not. That’s just the truth. I’m a smiling mom but I’m not a get dirty and play on the floor type mom, that’s my husband. He is the fun dad, as in he loves to play with Legos and cars and dolls (seriously). NOW before anyone starts thinking nonsense I want to clarify that I love my children and I love spending time with them but I just don’t like to play with toys. I’m not “fun”. 

Ever since I was a child I never played with toys, because I loved playing outside. So my fun looks different from other moms and I’m here to tell you that you might not be fun but you have fun IN you. Children need us, they crave us; so we need to make sure we’re there for them and not be selfish and think, “well I don’t like toys so I won’t play with them since I’m not fun”. 

Instead we need to learn how to let go of the “I’m not fun and find our fun”. 

So here are 4 ways a boring mom (me) can become a fun mom! 

  1. Find your fun 

What is it you loved to do as a child? Paint? Color? Teatherball anyone? (I was the champ)What about teaching your kiddos what Redrover is! For me it was the monkey bars and running so that’s what I do with my children. If there’s running involved or physical activity, count me in. Now my husband? Not so much. See how his fun is different from mine? 

     2. Save one special day 

Maybe it’s once a month or once every 2 weeks, for those who want a challenge, once a week where you get everything you need to get done the day before and save the next day to just PLAY. Yeah I know… just play! Be spontaneous and watch your children get excited as their little faces shine with happiness because mom wants to play with them! 

     3. Be intentional 

I recently went to visit a friend with a stable and there was a young girl who was 14 years old. She comes every summer to help this friend with her stable of horses. Once we got to talking and I asked her what advise she had for me from a young girls perspective. Her answer blew me away. ” be intentional, don’t make faces when your kids come ask to play. Kids can feel rejection too.” Now imagine you go to your friends house and you ask her if she would like to grab lunch and she makes faces at you and says “ugh” and forcefully goes to lunch with a face. Yeah kids feel that too. Be intentional and for those who are gifted with facial expressions *clears throat* let us watch our faces. 

      4. Take care of yourself 

What does this have to do with being fun? Well everything. If I want to give my children the best I need to make sure I get enough sleep (yeah haha I know, what’s that mean) I mean put your phone down at night and sleep when you have to. Get rest, eat healthy and move. It’s inevitable that we as mothers don’t get much sleep, but when you can… do it don’t let it be by your own hand, no pun intended, that you’re tired because you could have had two extra hours of sleep but Fb or IG was more important. So rest! A restful mom is a happy mom who has energy to do all the above! 

So yeah I’m not a fun mom but everyday I strive to be intentional. My fun is different and that’s ok, I use it. The faces my daughters make when I play with them are priceless. 

“There’s no such thing as a perfect mom, but there’s always better choices we can make to become better moms.” 

So go have fun and make memories.  

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