Homeschool curriculum 2017-2018 

Alright so as many of you know, we decided to homeschool the girls if you haven’t already please feel free to read up on that here

After so many late nights of reading reviews, reading on my children’s learning styles and praying. We have decided on the curriculum we will be using this year, I say this is year only because you never know if one will not work out as you thought. It could vary throughout the years, and that’s the beauty of homeschool. You can accommodate to your child’s learning style, you get to try a curriculum and if it doesn’t work, you can change it! 

Now, curriculum can be spendy and I’ve heard/read about mothers who have spent thousands of dollars… I totally get it if you have a larger family but it doesn’t have to be super expensive. I have a “2nd grader” and 4th grader” that I’m teaching. I pretty much got everything you see here today on sale for 30% off or more! 

We will be starting Sep 9th, super excited. 

Anyways I’ll just go ahead and share what we have decided to use this year and how much I spent. Here we go.

For my 4th grader: 

For my 2nd grader: 

Teaching textbooks, I love that it grades it for you, it also is computer based and you have the option of buying the book (I did) because we might be moving in a few months (more on that later) and won’t have access to a computer and I can use the book. I love that the online version is interactive and corrects you when you’ve tried a problem twice and still get it wrong, it shows you step by step how to solve it and why you got it wrong. It’s a bit pricey- $119.00 but it’s so worth it! 

English, we went with Rod and staff. English was one of my hard subjects at school and so I chose to go with not only a bible based English curriculum, but one that comes detailed and clean and simple. I like simplicity. I got my teachers guide and student book from their “damaged” book section online and bought all but the tests for a wonderful $35! Yup, $35. The damaged books had nothing but a tiny crinkled corner. 

Penmanship, this one I’m a bit curious how it will work. It’s just a book that teaches cursive for Evelyn, but print for Sadie and I bought the online version that teaches typing. I bought this for $16.75, it’s worth a try. 

Planner I bought from during their summer same for $11 I believe. 

For Sadie we did Horizon math since teaching textbooks does not have a 2nd grace program. We will see how it goes, depending on how we like teaching textbooks we will have to switch to that next fall for Sadie. I’ve heard that TT is a bit late, as in not advanced. 

Reading, we will be doing one chapter book a month of their choice for silent reading time. 

Read outloud: we love read outloud time here. I have a readout loud book and so does my husband. His choice was the Dragons keepers collection; he’s on book 3. Mine way obviously LHP books, I found all of the collection on a swap and sell FB page for $20, were on book  4! We do a morning devotional together also and just do oral reviews. 

Spelling, I’m still debating but I will most likely just do the free online website we have been using

Well that’s that, for individual curriculum. I don’t know about you but I wanted to teach as many subjects together as I could so here they are: 

History, Mystery of history, I had bought this curriculum for $15, however I later found out it was the first edition. After asking around I was convinced to buy the newer version. I just went ahead and bought the bundle for $136. It comes with everything you will need! The lessons are heavy on scripture and simple! 

Science we went with apologia I bought this for $60. I’m a little confused why the lessons are soooooooo long but we will figure it out. We plan on splitting one very long lesson in to 2 days a week. I got the Jr journal for Sadie and the standardized one for Evelyn along with my guide. 

Elective, we love all things nature so for my children I decide to buy this curriculum. It’s all 4 seasons and I actually printed it (comes in PDF form only)divided  it in to their seasons, laminated the from cover and made books so I can just grab and go. Nature walks is key for me so this I’m excited for and it was $15. We are getting the suggested books from the library and doing one project a week, we will be doing this 2x a week. 

P.E? we have a trampoline. The end. 

Art, I absolutely love this program because it’s a step-by-step curriculum and it’s super simple, yet fascinating. We will be doing this 2x a week as the art in this online class takes a while to complete. There are a few levels and we started at beginners for $119. So worth it to me! They learn from charcoals to watercolors. 

Now for you me I bought the Apologia homeschool panned and let me tell you it is amazing! 

Alright so that’s what I have for this year, I can’t wait to see how it all goes and what curriculum makes the cut for us! If you haven’t please feel free to follow along my Instagram for more homeschool and just life posts! 
Here’s to learning 😊. 

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