How my attitude impacted the Solar Eclipse 

Long story short, we couldn’t find solar eclipse sunglasses. 

I was a bit lazy about it and didn’t think the girls cared until last night and not only do I feel like a bad mom but I was lazy about serving them. 

Please don’t tell me “oh you’re not a bad mom” blah blah. I was, know why? I purposely didn’t care because I was to lazy to. I’ve gotten in a habit of not doing much for my family because I feel so overwhelmed with all that’s happening right now. So I didn’t care about the eclipse and in my bad attitude I dragged my children with me. Sometimes as moms we’re allowed to have bad days but we should never have purposeful bad days and then drag our children with us. 

I had missed the opportunity to serve my children in something they wanted to do. There were no more glasses to be found. The ones that I found were being sold by people who wanted $150 for them… yes I’m serious. So I went to bed feeling terrible and I was in a mission to make today (eclipse day) better. 

I woke up and my husband stayed up to make the girls solar eclipse boxes to be able to see such a historic event. 

Atleast one of us has their heads on straight. I’m sad that I took this attitude and almost robbed my children of such pleasure. Just because I was in a bad mood… I fail hard as a mom. 

If it wasn’t for my husband the girls would have not been able to see it. I’m so sad about my heart issues that trail and trickle on to my children who had nothing to do with it. 

So what to do now? Nothing. It passed. We miss seeing it with these glasses. God help me because I don’t want to mess up another historical event for my children. God help me. 

Yup this is real life blogging. Now I’m going to go try to make it up to my children while I drown inside with regret. 

2 thoughts on “How my attitude impacted the Solar Eclipse ”

  1. Don’t be so hard on your self. It did happen, forgive yourself as I know your kids and the Lord forgave you. On to the next opportunity to serve them.


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