Why I’ll always take breaks from social media 

It’s 3am, I’m sitting here on my couch as everyone sleeps. I feel this urge to just be awake… I open my devotional and read about how Jesus withdrew himself to pray all the time. He didn’t wait for the sabbath or a “special time”, he took breaks to pray and took breaks from his “schedule” and urged his disciples to pray too. 

I felt a bit extreme when I withdrew myself from social media so often, deactivating my FB or deleting ny apps here and there. I know people close to me who would get annoyed at that. 

It was that “break” I needed to think straight. To stop feeling like I HAD to post on my blog and Instagram to feel complete. That I had to keep up with the demand of posting a nice picture to gain followers. The truth is, that’s not what’s important to me, it’s taking those breaks where I realized that the ministry I have of social media NEEDS and requires those breaks so when I come back I’m clear headed, and my cup is running over ready to pour on to others on the things I prayed during that break. 

If you feel like you HAVE to do certain things then that’s when you have to take a step back and withdraw and pray. See what is the reasoning behind that need. If Jesus in all his glory and perfection took breaks, withdrew to focus and pray what makes us think we can do better? I know I can’t. Every time I feel this urge to withdraw its simply Gods way of bringing me back to what’s more important. Time with him, filling my cup, submitting to what’s more valuable. Will I continue to withdraw? Absolutely. 

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