Midnight prayers 

Because I’m a creep, I was watching my husband sleep and I started to pray over him. 

Anyone else do this? 

Many times when I can’t sleep in the middle of the night, I say “ok Lord, I’ll pray” and I pray over my husband and children.

 But I want to focus on our husbands for a quick second. 

Do you pray over your husband? 

Do you ask God to bless him as he provides for the family? 

It’s so easy to pray quick prayers and snooze off or wake up in the middle of the night and grab your phone to check FB or IG (or is it just me?) instead of taking that moment to pray over the leader of the home. 

I must admit that I’ve done this far less in the last year than I ever have. I wanted to share what I pray over my husband and encourage you to join me in praying over your spouse when you wake up in the middle of the night instead of checking FB. 

Dear God,

Father I come to you today as your humble servent, thanking you for my life. Thanking you for waking me up to just speak to you. I want to thank you for everything in my life, one of the most important people in my life is my husband and I just want to take this time to pray over him. Father thank you for my husband, thank you for his dedication to us and you. Father I pray that my husband may work as on to you in all he does. I pray he does good to everyone, I pray he may be a testimony of who you are as represents you. Father give him the strength to not fall in to temptation, the patience to show who you are in his daily walk, the ability to carry peace in hard situations, to be gentle and to be slow to anger. Provide for him Lord, that everything he touches multiply and that it may be blessed. Give my husband a heart for your word, a heart for seeking you. Bless him as you have appointed him the leader of our home. I ask lord that you just teach him, love him and guide him. As the leader of our home I ask that you help him to lead us to you and to selflessly give up what’s taking time from you. Thank you for my husband lord, we ask all this in your sons holy name, amen. 

Just praying a simple prayer like this does wonders! I want to encourage you to pray over your spouse and to be a light in the darkness for him. 

What are some key things you pray over your husband? 

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