The Mother of all series

Ok ladies, I’m so excited for this series!!!

If you haven’t been following my Instagram you wouldn’t know that this is a series from 8 amazing mamas who are blessing you all with a Motherhood series filled with wisdom.

Tada, now you know!

So do you get it now? The title… yeah? Ok, awesome, making sure. Haha.

Alright so I was able to gather some of the most amazing mamas ever to collaborate and write for us:

“3 things I’ve learned from Motherhood”


“3 things Motherhood has taught me”

The way it’s going to work is I will be posting every Wednesday one of these fantabulous mama’s and their blog post, here at and on my Instagram so please go follow as I post! Along with their wonderful post I will be linking all of their social media so you can feel free to stalk them.. er I mean get to know them more.

Am I the only person jumping up and down for this?!

Alright so I’m starting of this series with this introduction and My 3 things that I’ve learned

from Motherhood:

  1. Motherhood has taught me to work from sun up to sun down.

What does that mean? It means that I’ve had to learn to prioritize my time and to work diligently to be able to be the best I can be for my children. It means I get up earlier to clean up the kitchen so I have a good breakfast with my kiddos. It means I stay up a bit later, not to watch television but to maybe bake them a sweet treat for the next day. It’s taught me to serve beyond 9-5, Monday- Friday shifts.

2. Motherhood has taught me to apologize when I’m wrong.

Anyone else here struggle with being wrong? I know I do. It’s so easy to apologize to a an adult when I’m wrong but apologizing to my mini army when I’ve screwed up.. that’s harder for me because I’m supposed to have it all right. Right? Wrong. So I’ve learned to let them see me fail and to hear me apologize.

3. Motherhood has taught me to love myself out loud.

Uh ok maybe I’m still working on this one…but trust me when I say that I’ve gotten better. I have three wee ones listening to what I say about myself. I use to say “ I’m so fat” and guess what my daughters one day said, “I’m too fat”. They listen to everything we say, even when we think they are not. Even when we are joking. So learning to speak words of life out loud has been one of the hardest ones to learn.

What about you? What is one of your 3 things you’ve learned from Motherhood? Feel free to comment and share, and stay tuned for the G o o d Stuff next week!

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