Chubby Mama perspective

I was organizing my pictures when I ran in to an old picture of me when I was 22 years old. I was thinner, I had my hair done, my make up fixed up and I was on my way to a friends event. My first thought was, “Lord I look like a manatí now”. << I laughed when I said it, but deep inside I wasn’t laughing.

Later that day my daughter asked me if she could take this picture you see… when she took it she looked at it and said, “I wanna be just like you with my children, I want to look like you Mama”. I wanted to cry a little because that’s not what I was thinking about myself.

This is me, just the chubbier version. I know myself and I know that I’m my best when I feel healthy and take time for myself to make my meals, to take a walk, to do my hair and to read a little more. Dealing with a heavier me is hard because I get tired and my children deserve the best version of me. It’s not the 22year old in that picture but it’s also not this. Having food issues since the age of 13 has kicked me in the rear. But looking at this picture makes me cry/laugh because my children see the good in me. The mommy not the chubby. They see everything I didn’t, and having that simple compliment brought me back to earth and helped me to keep going. If she only knew.

Also feel free to check out todays Vlog !

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