The gospel and our children and why I share it with them

Good morning all, I woke up today thinking on 3 John 1:4, “there’s no greater joy than to know my children walk in the truth”.

Gods word never comes back empty and every time you have the opportunity to show the gospel to your children, do it. I find small times during the car, over breakfast, while playing to incorporate the gospel. Our children are our disciples.

Find the time to share the gospel of Jesus to them, not the “Jesus is so nice” gospel. The “Jesus died on the cross for your sins, there’s only one way” gospel.

I always tell my children, “just because you’re nice doesn’t mean you’re Christian, we show that we follow Christ with what we say, what we do, how we share him, IF we share him, when we walk in the light and understand and KNOW we are nothing without him. He’s the way the truth and the light. He’s the alpha and the omega. He’s the only one worth worshiping and the only one to worship. We’re sinful and need a savior”.

We need to teach our children the real gospel and not the sugar coated gospel. We live in a world that will always teach us that WE are good, we much teach our children that GOD is good and we are just part of his plan to spread the good. The world is going against scripture and if we don’t teach our children who God is, the world will… and I’ve seen the village, I don’t want it raising my inheritance.

Today I encourage you to ask God to give you the opportunity to share the gospel with your children.

3 thoughts on “The gospel and our children and why I share it with them”

  1. Wow God has been tugging at my heart to do this and every time I say I am I don’t! Last night my 10 year old son told me we have to spend time in prayer as a family, what a slap in the face, then this post wow God is real. Thank you for sharing your thoughts


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