The mother of all series: Amy Olds

What are some words that come to mind when you think of motherhood?

Exhausting? Patience? Overwhelming? Gratifying? Joy?

I would agree with you 100% along with MANY other adjectives, but over the past 4 years of raising two strong-willed, energetic little boys, the Lord has opened my eyes and my heart in the best way.

Through this life-marathon called motherhood, I’ve experience many failures and with that, came three words that have lifted me and strengthened my faith through Christ:

Grace – as women, we feel that we need to do it all, am I right? From morning hustle to evening activities, and everything in between… and doing it ALL over. again. tomorrow. (thank goodness for whiteboards, sticky notes and planners!) But ladies, its OK to say no. This is the beauty of grace and the grace God first bestowed on us. We were not created to do it all, and that is why we have each other. Give yourself grace day after day after day.

Compassion – first and foremost, show yourself compassion. Be loving and tender towards your needs: physically, emotionally and especially spiritually. His word is fuel. Love yourself the way God sees you and it will overflow to others.

Strength – the enemy will attack from all sides. When I hear strength, I think of Ephesians and how we are to be equipped with the Armor of God. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or tired and under attack by the enemy, I revert back to God’s word because, in my weakness, He is strong.

So mamas, remember whatever season you’re in today, He is able and good. He IS your strength. Your intuition is Him speaking to you. Trust it


Amy is a wife, mother and daughter of the King. She is the writer behind the Gilded Wife Blog which encourages women through all seasons of life to pursue Christ. She also strives to live a green lifestyle and has a serious case of wanderlust.

Many Thanks,

Amy Olds

The Gilded Wife

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