The mother of all series: Rebekah

Hey guys! I’m Rebekah Laskowski over at @rebekahlaskowksi IG, mama to three earthside kiddos, and one still cooking.

I was so honored when Ana reached out to me about writing a piece for her motherhood series, and honestly a little nervous!

Motherhood is such a special time for us women, it’s so hard to put into words just 3 things I’ve learned over the years, so after praying about it, what I’ve decided to do is to detail what EACH of my kiddos has taught me over the years.

Georgia, age 4.5 years. My first born, the one who made me a momma. Oh my sweet girl, my loving, caring, and gentle spirit. She came into this world via  emergency cesarean after a 48 hour birth, and has been slowwwww ever since. Georgia has taught me about patience. A whole new level of patience, like the waiting for bread to mold type of patience. But you know what else she’s taught me, she’s taught me to stop and admire a beautiful sunset God painted when we are rushing into the grocery store. She’s taught me to sit with her, to enjoy a long book, read and explain every detail, and no matter how busy I get, to take every single moment with my kids as a gift. Having 3.5 littles under the age of 4 usually means we are late, but it’s all good in Georgia land. All that matters is we showed up, we tried our best, and we are doing it with a smile on our face. She has so much light and love in her. I pray that I’m always a reflection of her slow and steadfast heart.

Griffin, age 2.5 years. My boy, my son, my warrior. This guy came rushing into the world when I was 35 weeks pregnant. He came out screaming, a whopping 6 pounds for being premature, and needed no nicu time. He hasn’t stopped since. Griffin has taught me to be BOLD in all things. He’s courageous, he shows no fear, and he loves so hard. I remember one day over the summer, we were playing at the splash pad, I took my eyes off of him for 10 seconds and he was hugging onto an older ladies leg. I ran over, saying how sorry I was… she said, “he reallyyyyy wants one of these Cheetos, can he have one?” I laughed and thought, oh good lord… my child is begging for food! I thanked her and embarrassingly walked him over to our bag full of snacks. Later on, I thought, that was kinda creepy, but man, he was so stinking bold! Can you imagine if we all just took charge of our lives like that? Decided we wanted something, and just went for it, with zero fear of failing! I hope this kid never loses his zest for life (or food), and I hope he always challenges me to just go for it!

Goldie, age 6 months. Oh Goldie girl. My sweet 3 pound miracle. Goldie came to us through the miracle of adoption. We went active with our consultants at the end of February, Goldie’s birth mom chose us 8 days later!! She was due in June so, of course we felt the pressure to begin fundraising and nesting…. little did we know, this girl would come at 32 weeks, at just 3.3 lbs! It was a whirlwind and the scariest thing we’ve ever experienced. I’ve never seen a baby that small. She was so strong and fierce. When we locked eyes, I instantly fell in love. Goldie has taught me that love knows no borders. Love doesn’t have to be biological. Love always wins. We spent 5.5 weeks in the nicu, thousands of miles from home… it was so hard, but that’s what love can do. Love can make a mama move mountains for her baby. Love can make a mama strong when she feels like she’s failing. Love can grow in a nicu, thousands of miles away from home. Love will help a baby grow big and strong. Love is sometimes all I had to give her. And she’s taught me that, that’s all she needs.

And one more bonus because, SURPRISE,

I’m 6 months pregnant. Yep, 6 month old baby, and 6 months pregnant with another beautiful girl, Magnolia.

Magnolia Rae, 25 weeks pregnant. Hi baby, you move to the sound of my voice and the beat of my heart. You weren’t planned and we are still shocked that there’s really a baby growing in my belly. But hey, we are rocking it!! You’ve taught me to go with the flow, to receive help when help is offered (y’all, this has been so hard for me, but 4 under 4……) You’ve taught me to let my guard down and trust that God has a plan. You have taught me to NEVER SAY NEVER. You aren’t even here yet and you have taught me so much about life little one. We can’t wait to meet you in a few weeks! Thanks for letting me be your mama.

I remember holding my newborn on the first day of being a mama and weeping… God, don’t let me screw this up. You know what I’ve learned, it’s okay to screw up. I learn from each mistake I make, (which is EVERY SINGLE DAY) and grow from it. Grow into a better mama and grow into a

better woman of God.

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