The motherhood of all series: Meghan

Meghan lives with her husband and 5 children in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She homeschools while running her website and home-based businesses. They are excitingly due with Yancy baby #6 in April 2018 and decided to host 3 teenage International students for the year. You can find us cruising around in our 12-passenger van and enjoying the beautiful fall weather of Minnesota.

3 Things Motherhood has Taught Me

1. Patience 

When you have drinks being spilled, loud noises occurring, food in every crack and crevice and times where you are on your hands and knees searching for “that poop smell,” you automatically learn patience. To give up your own selfish desires for the concern and care of your family is a humbling act that is lived out every day. Through the years, God has naturally grown so much patience in me. A glass of spilled milk in the early years of motherhood (especially breastmilk) would have brought me to tears, yelling and aggravation. Now, I take a deep breath and simply wipe it up, sometimes even with a smile on my face. You really don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.

2. Child-likeness

I have certainly learned to let loose and let go more. Whether that be dancing out in the rain, or taking a spontaneous trip to the apple orchard. I have learned to embrace a child-like heart and not be so rigid all the time. Obviously, there comes a sweet balance with that. I’m still mom. I’m still a responsible adult. But there are so many times we can get so stuck in that mindset and loose sight of the fun and joy in life. My kids constantly remind me of that. To be care-free and go with the flow.

3. Unconditional Love

No matter what my kids do wrong, how overwhelmed I may feel at times or those seasons of life where disrespect and disobedience is a lost art, my love for them never changes. It only grows. To experience, choose and feel love in that way is so pure, raw and deep that it impacts your life intensely. It reminds me so much of the love of our Father. And how no matter how many times we mess up, He still loves us. Unconditionally. Being a parent really brings that concept to life. I always tell my kids, “I discipline you because I love you. If I didn’t care about you, I wouldn’t care about how you grew and the person you will become one day. But I do care. I love you so much that I desire to teach you.” I learn so much of what God is doing in my own life from my experiences in motherhood. God is so good.

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