Sage Spoonfuls baby food processor

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I’m so excited because we get to enjoy a huge dinner with friend and family.

One of the most exciting things that will happen this Thanksgiving Day is that Desmond will be able to eat solids!! Yes!

So many of you mamas asked, “what food processor do you like?”

So today I️ wanted to share with you all this amazing baby food processor from Sage spoonfuls .

** disclaimer: I️ get absolutely no money from this ad. But I️ do review the product in exchange for more exposure to the company and to share it with you all.

This is the pretty box that it came in.

This was inside.

1 immersion blender (handheld) with 1 food processor container.

Another thing I️ Love, it’s BPA, Phthalate, Leda and PVC FREE!

Dishwasher safe attachments.

It can be used to blend even meat.

Stainless steel blades and it has a quiet motor.

The handheld devise you simply aline the arrow to the lock position and then unlock to remove the plug in motor part. This is the blade and let me tell you that it is amazing! **no need to worry baby never touched it. Just like the handheld, you match the arrows to the top of the removable container top. The food processor containers blade is sharp and removable for easy cleaning.

First I️ wanted to do spinach because it’s a leafy green and usually not all baby food processors can really make it in to tiny pieces… Look how beautiful it left it!! I️ was sold on its power.

Did I️ mention that the motor has two speeds? Uh yes!

I️ do have to say that I️ used the handheld for this one because I️ made a small batch and if I️ were to put it in the container it wouldn’t be enough to have it blend it. Plus the handheld has power you can control. The movements you make to really blend it.

I️ made brócoli and it did amazing! Not leaving any chunks. Right?! I️ used the processing container on speed 1.

I also steamed green beans and sweet potatoes. Look at that!!

Again I️ used the container; the sweet potatoes I️ used speed 2. Mind you the sweet potatoes pictured, do not have water at all. I️ did add breast milk to freeze.

Look how beautiful it makes the baby food!

I️ also use their thick glass container to store Desmond’s foods. I️ love the glass because it’s cleaner, safer and last longer.

It shreds leaves, leaves root veggies smooth and grainy veggies so tiny. I️ absolutely love it.

To clean? You simply take it apart, and wash with warm water and mild soap. Or you can put the attachments in the dishwasher. Dry it and boom. You’re done. It’s not messy and it’s easy to store in a small place . Can you tell he loved it?! I️ sure did.

And the price is so worth it, at only $40.00 when other baby processors are well over $60 and don’t do what this does.

I’m so excited to use this on Thanksgiving Day for all of his baby food he will be enjoying with us.

What are you waiting for? Go get it Mama!

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