The instagram Christian mom lie

I woke up today feeling a bit off, I realized I haven’t spent any good time with God in the last month. By good time I mean I’m choosing to clean/organize/post on Instagram/ watch shows (being Martha) over spending time with him

(Choosing Mary). I feel so guilty when I realize that I’ve wasted time that could have been Gods.

Not only that but Social media also gives us a glimpse of what we think spending time with God should look like.

I think many times we want this perfect time with God where we sit for 30 uninterrupted minutes with highlighter in hand and a warm cup of tea. Like your friend just posted. Or we go the opposite way and take a picture for Instagram and change the filters so we get the “cool” in look and let everyone know we read two sentences; when really we spent more time fixing the picture than fixing our eyes on Jesus.

Spending time with God should never be a burden but I’ll be the first to add that it can feel that way when our flesh is a bit to strong. Fasting anyone?

Praying and asking for a desire to spend time with God is important and I have to admit this season of the year is when I spend LESS time with him even though it’s ABOUT him. We have this idea that spending time with God should be a certain way when it doesn’t.

I was talking to my mom the other night and she said something that struck me hard. Maybe you’ve known this but for me it was a game changer. We were taking about how I feel so guilty when I don’t get to sit and spend time with God and her words touched me:

Ana, God understands the season you are in. He knows you have three little ones. He knows that you’re caring for a husband who needs you. He knows you homeschool. He’s not blind. The day will come when you will get those 10 or 30 minutes of time alone with him, but right now with all your heart give him praise and worship. As you clean, as you cook, as you put the kids to sleep. When you have “mom time” make sure you included Jesus in it. God understands your season.

Honestly I never thought of this.

To me it was, either I sit down or it doesn’t count. Now I have to say that we should make time to sit and spend time with him but that isn’t the only way to spend time with God.


Moms with Little ones, God sees you. He doesn’t expect you to let your kids go hungry or not pick up to sit down and feel like that’s the only way to be with him.

Moms with kiddos who are older, God sees you. He knows you’re struggling to be a good example and sees how busy life is and he want you to just make him first even if doesn’t look like what everyone’s posting.

Moms of older kiddos outside the home. Oh it’s your time Mama. Sip that tea and pray for the rest of us moms!

I guess I just wanted to remind you that:

  1. Jesus comes first
  2. Spending time with him doesn’t look like Instagram
  3. Spending time with him doesn’t look the same all the time
  4. Spending time with the word is hard but important
  5. If you ask for the desire and push yourself, you’ll end up loving it
  6. God understands your season
  7. He wants you to spend time with him
  8. He loves you
  9. He forgives you
  10. He’s the reason for this season
  11. The time will come for that cup of tea
  12. And that it’s never to late to get back in to the word.

I always post about the things I struggle with and right now it’s spending time with God. With all the holidays and all the things that motherhood requires sometimes it’s easier to just not open our bibles at all. To pray one bland sentence before collapsing to sleep after binge watching Netflix. It’s easier to feel so far from God that what’s the use of changing now? Guilt. So I write about what I struggle with. I pray about what I struggle with. The enemy loves it when we have that mentality of ” I feel guilty so I might as well keep going. I can’t talk to God until I fix it”. No!!! Come to God To fix it. It’s never to late and that’s something I remind myself!

Much love, Ana

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