The reason for this curriculum season

Motherhood is tiring but this season is to wonderful to let it get in the way.

So while I nurture a little tiny one to grow, I want to do the same for my older girls. I want to nurture them spiritually; and what better season than this?!

This month of December I’m going to focus on Jesus, the reason for this season.

That means we’re putting our curriculum away for this month (except math and English) and we will enjoy this season by reading out loud, baking, watching movies, documentaries, random acts of kindness and more activities that will hopefully make an impact on my children’s life to remember that all this points back to Jesus. That means I’m not going to promise advent postings like I did last year and failed because I had so much going on that it just stressed me out to post instead of it bringing joy. That means I’m minimizing our time spend being busy and more time being together bored.

As they get older it gets more exciting to read the birth of our savior! So don’t stress this season and embrace it!

Happy December everyone!!!

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