Not pretty enough for this blogging thing.

I want you all to know that I’m thankful for the people who read my blogs.

I am not the best at writing on schedule nor am I exciting. I share about the motherhood struggle (like 637373 other moms) and Jesus.

I want to share with you a piece of my intimate blogging life. As some of you may know, I DO NOT make money off my blog. No one pays me to write. So I reached out to some Christian blogging moms and they have been amazing in encouraging me and reading my blogs as I read theirs. BUT I want to share with you guys what are some of the things I’ve gotten told when I reach out for wisdom from some Christian bloggers.

Before I share that; I want you guys to know that I’m an open book kinda person, what you see is what you get. I have a huge heart for young mothers and families. I feel sometimes my personality allows people to really open up and tell me what’s up. Sometimes it’s good but sometimes it very hurtful. People ask me if I have really stump upon all these crazy people that I’ve posted about… YES. I don’t post about them to get a pity party or to speak badly of them but to share my struggle (first world problems) as a Christian blogger.

Ok here we go.

I reached out to a blogger and we got to talking and when we came to the point of the conversation I asked if she could share some wisdom of how to grow my blog so I can share the gospel more.

Wanna know what she said to me?

“Hey girl, thanks for reaching out and I will try to help. First I want to say that to grow your blog you gotta clean up a bit and capture your audience. I took a peek and your IG and it looks like you don’t really sell yourself. People want to see “what’s in” your clothes, your home and shape. I’m just being honest. It has to be pretty. ”

Yes I’m serious. So I stood in my chair and thought for a minute and looked in the mirror and I almost cried because you know what? I’m not that beautiful… to her. I’m not thin… at all. I don’t have a huge house… to show off. I won’t sell myself. If that’s what it takes then I don’t want it. I refuse to show you, my readers, something I’m not. I won’t pretend to have it all together but I also won’t be sharing every part of my heart that needs to be kept in until healed. So I decided today, that I will not make money off this blog. I won’t sell Jesus with my small pant size or big size. I will NOT redecorate my life to take a picture so followers like me. I will not do it.

I share the gospel because it’s what transformed my life and my families. Jesus changed every part of me and continues to shape my heart. Everyday I strive to be just a small speck of light. So if that means I won’t be famous or gain more audience then I’m ok with that.

Some, if not many Christian bloggers now in days don’t share the gospel, they share their pretty life and slap Jesus on it. Some share their sadness and how a product helped them and slap Jesus on it. Now don’t get me wrong that’s good for them if that’s how they make income but Jesus should not be sold. Ever.

Are you wanting to know what I responded?

Hello, thank you for your time.

Thank you for your input. Honestly I’m shocked that, that’s what it takes to be successful as a Christian blogger because it sounds completely ungodly. I hope all keep going well with you, thank you for your time.

That’s it. I didn’t get anything in return. And that’s fine. I’m not a saint but I also know where to draw the line when it comes to getting ridiculous advise from so called Christian blogging moms.

Will I ask another Christian blogger for advise? Probably not.

I will continue to write at my pace, I will continue to share the good, the bad and the godly.

So for those of you who read my blog? Thank you. Being a Christian blogger is harder than we think and these are just some of the things we get when we try to speak to other bloggers. It’s sad. But it’s not my cup of tea so I’ll just sip my tea from afar and be ok with the way my tea taste.

The kids and I at the tree farm.

15 thoughts on “Not pretty enough for this blogging thing.”

  1. Your integrity comes through in volumes. I applaud you for not selling out. Think Jesus in the Temple turning tables. I truly believe God will provide for you because of your decision. Maybe it will come through growing your blog, maybe another way. Just keep sharing Jesus as you know him and leave the rest to your Father God who truly loves you.


  2. I love your honesty & your writing! (reasons why I followed you.) You keep sharing the gospel the way God leads you to! Your blog will grow because of that. 🙂 be blessed!


  3. Hi! christian blogger here. And I’m new to this. No clue what I’m doing but I started my blogg to share my life, experience an God kinda like you. It’s hard to find christian blogger so I’m glad I came across your blog ☺ i love how passionate you are about Christ. I also like how real of a person you are. So thank you for that.


  4. Hi, I started to follow you because I had already followed Peniel and I just thought “hey, she is her sister, this incredible awesomeness must run in their family, I’ll give it a try. And guess what. I do not have children, I am not even a believer. I just enjoy your blog and IG because of you, your personality, because it is real.


  5. Ana,

    I want to be honest with you. When I found you through your sister, I immediately followed you on IG because I think at the time you were creating posts around food and health, however, once your content started to change and you started to post more about God, I began to roll my eyes and even considered unfollowing you. Well, it has been a few months now and I still follow you. Because of YOU, I have found God again. I began to deny my faith six years ago, but have recently began to read my bible and speak to Him. I even prayed for the first time in six years a few nights ago, and my face was covered in tears. I found myself at peace and at home after many years. I want to thank you for spreading the word of God. You truly mean so much to me. Thank you.


  6. WOW! I cannot believe she said that. One of the reasons I follow you is because you’re real and true to yourself!! You’re not like the other people on Instagram who sell themselves for fame. Keep doing what you do, you’re real supporters will stand by you!


  7. Dear Ana, I’m so proud of you!! The world is full of fake, fake beauty, fake relationships, fake hair eyelashes and eyes brows, fake smiles, fake lifestyles, perhaps a fake faith. I love your passion for your family, for learning, for motherhood, for God and His truth. That’s what we need ! Not one more blogger that has it all together but a real person, with real beauty, struggles and all. Don’t ever regret being real!! You shine the light of Jesus beautifully!! Love to you!!


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